Why A Small Cabin Rental Is The Perfect Escape

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Picture a tiny cabin among the trees.

We all dream about waking up to the glorious sounds of nature and sunlight filtering through the trees over a majestic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains or Chattahoochee River. Starting the day by putting on the kettle and having nothing on your to-do list–Getaway actually makes that a reality.

In our interconnected world, their collections of cabins, conveniently located about two hours out from major cities, are totally disconnected from your busy life. No need to get on a plane– the ultimate relaxing retreat is just a car ride away!

There’s no WiFi, so when you set your notification to “out of office,” you can actually be away. It’s a total refresh from anything going on in the big city. Just you, your favorite person (or pup), and the great outdoors, but with a kitchenette, a hot shower, a private bathroom, and a big comfy bed to sleep in.

Getaway has all the best parts of camping; you get those big, beautiful views, but you also have a cozy bed with a floor-to-ceiling window, in your own enchanting little hideaway.

You can have those late-night conversations that only happen in the middle of nowhere over a campfire, and when you’re done, read a few pages in your fresh sheets before getting a fantastic night’s sleep.

If Getaway sounds exactly like what you’ve always wanted, read on for more details before booking your WiFi-and-worry-free escape.

What cities can I make my escape from?

You can escape from Atlanta, Boston, Austin + San Antonio, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Pittsburgh + Cleveland, Portland, Chicago, Nashville, and Washington, D.C.

What’s inside?

There will either be a freshly-made queen bed that sleeps two or two-bed cabins that hold up to four, depending on your reservation, along with AC and heat for your temperature needs, a cell phone lock box so you can truly unplug, a private bathroom with a toilet and a hot shower, a deck of cards, a selection of books, a kitchenette with a two-burner stove, mini-fridge, and kitchen essentials, like a pot and a pan, a tea kettle, a bottle opener, and olive oil and salt and pepper.

Outside, there’s a fire pit, Adirondack chairs, a picnic table and bench, and your own little space to unwind.

How many people can a cabin hold?

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There are one-bed cabins for two, and two-bed cabins that can hold up to four. Canine friends are welcome, too.

How much does it cost?

Rates start at $89 a night. If you get hungry or forget something, there are items available right inside the cabin for less than $10 each. Guests are billed after their stay for what they use.

Are the cabins secluded?

You will be co-locating with your fellow Getaway guests, meaning that you’ll likely see other cabins and people nearby. Cell service may be spotty, but there’s a landline in every cabin should you need it.

getaway cabin rental

What’s outside?

You can hike the trails. Climb a mountain. Eat a s’more. Read a book. There are tones of nature trails and seasonal activities close by. Spend a crisp fall afternoon picking apples and enjoying a mug of delicious hot cider before relaxing under the stars.

Your stay is what you make of it; some guests bring board games, but if that’s not your style, a change of clothes and your toiletries are all you really need. Surrounded by nature, you can usually find a trailhead for hiking right outside your cabin. There’s no WiFi and that’s no accident: this is your opportunity to disconnect from the internet for a little while and just enjoy.

Getaway also offers adventure kits for kids and party celebration kits that you can add to your reservation during booking, so you’re stocked for fun occasions.

People keep coming back again and again to their tiny cabin in nature. It’s got the simplicity of life before constant cell phone communication, but with all of the essentials and super soft sheets.

Now, go lock up your phone, enjoy the smell of the trees, the sound of the leaves rustling and birds chirping, and the comfort of a warm bed with the people you love.

Plan Your Adventure With Getaway!

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