Upgrade Your Bathroom Essentials With Dapper Yankee Today

dapper yankee tea tree soap and shampoo

Shampoos and soaps claim to come in a range of different scents, but they’re mostly fruity or flowery. This leaves guys with that basic musky scent – the only “soap for men” out there. 

Well, it’s time to upgrade, because your bathroom essentials should make you feel amazing and not just be something that gets the job done! Meet Dapper Yankee, a brand working to revolutionize the personal care industry for men with a mission to change how men think about their routines. 

Made using natural ingredients and the traditional cold process technique, which retains natural glycerin and nutrients in each bar, Dapper Yankee nourishes your skin without any harmful ingredients. That means no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and so much more. 

Dapper Yankee has tons of scents so you can smell like Fresh Coast one day or Rodeo Man the next. So, step into this feel-good, smell-amazing world and check out all of the amazing bundles Dapper Yankee offers. 

Pick the soap bundle that’s right for you! Choose from the “Gentleman’s Choice” bundle, or pick up a deodorant and soap set that includes matching deodorants and soaps. The scents include Engine 9, New Castle, and my personal favorite, Traveler. Go light and fresh or warm and woodsy, they’ve got it all. 

Dapper Yankee is not a discount brand by any stretch, but they are very competitively priced. In addition to the already discounted bundle, you can use a coupon code to save even more! In fact, UltiUber Life has partnered with Dapper Yankee to offer you 20% off your order! Just use code ULTIUBER at checkout!

It’s not just soaps and shampoo bars; Dapper Yankee has other care products like deodorant, hairstyle balms, beard oils, hand soaps, and hair conditioner bars. Create a completely new bathroom routine with these incredible, unique scents. 

If you find one scent you can’t get enough of, go for it! Choose a bundle that includes all the essentials in that scent and stick with what you love.

There is no better time to ditch your old soap and upgrade with Dapper Yankee’s amazing offers!

Stop using those basic bars packed with dehydrating chemicals and make the switch to Dapper Yankee to keep you feeling grounded, smelling fresh, and nourished all day long!  

Choose a Bundle With Dapper Yankee Now! 

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