How to Get Rid of BO Naturally with Dapper Yankee Deodorant

dapper yankee deodorant

The newest arrival in the Dapper Yankee lineup has Dapper Yank fans overjoyed.  A natural Dapper Yankee deodorant has finally arrived!  Even if you aren’t a fan of Dapper Yankee yet, you will be once you put this deodorant to the test.

Until you get your hands (and pits) on this amazing natural deodorant, I’m going to give you all the reasons why you need to toss out your old shit and start using Dapper Yankee.

People Effing Stink

You should never leave the house without wearing deodorant.  Let’s face it, other than shit, farts, and bad breath, there’s no other stink that is more horrendous than body odor (BO).  The problem with BO is that it’s stuck on you and it lingers everywhere you go. 

There’s always that one guy in the office who forgets to wear deodorant (or doesn’t shower at all).  When he walks from his cubicle to the water cooler, he drags that smell with him.  If you wait five to ten minutes after he’s already sat back down, you can still smell his nasty rotten onion odor near the water cooler.

It’s the kind of smell that makes a person gag.  Don’t get me wrong, I think other people’s farts are nasty too, but they eventually dissipate.  And I can deal with my own farts since they oftentimes smell like meat or cheese. But when it comes to BO, I can’t stand the smell of my own stink, let alone someone else’s.

Difference Between Deodorant and Antiperspirant

One might think that deodorant and antiperspirant are one and the same, but they are not.  They both are designed to mask underarm odor.  But Antiperspirants are a type of deodorant designed to reduce your sweat production.  No sweat, no smell.   However, if you don’t sweat excessively, then there’s no reason to use an antiperspirant. 

Aluminum is Bad, Mkay?

All antiperspirants are made with aluminum salt.  And it’s the aluminum salt that reduces the flow of sweat.  The aluminum targets sweat ducts and cause them to close.

However, when aluminum is absorbed into the body, toxins accumulate in the lymph nodes which may change healthy cells into cancer cells.

There are unsubstantiated claims that aluminum is linked to certain types of cancers.  The American Cancer Society states that they don’t have any solid scientific grounding of this yet.  But the National Kidney Foundation cautions people with weak kidneys about the health risks of using antiperspirants. One organization says that they don’t have any proof that there is a correlation, yet another one cautions you against it.  I smell some conspiracy theories a-brewing!

Controlling Sweat with Antiperspirant

Although nobody likes to sweat, sweating is a good thing.  When you sweat your body releases toxins and sweating also helps regulate your body temp.  Now I totally understand if you have a meeting or an interview and you don’t want to show up with giant sweat rings in the pits of your shirt.  You want something to control the sweat from flowing. 

There are a few things you can do to help reduce how much you sweat

  1. Take a cool shower – We all love our hot showers, but if you want to help reduce sweat, you can start by regulating your body temp.  Hot showers can drive up our internal body temperature.  In the summer months especially, try taking a cool shower to help take control of your sweat.
  2. Wear looser-fitting shirts – If you’re not wearing breathable fabrics or the armholes of your shirts are always stuck to your skin, you’re never going to give your pits the room they need to breathe.
  3. Avoid that hot tea or coffee – This of course is just a suggestion.  I don’t want to go a day without my hot cup of joe. However, if you want to slow the sweat flow, try having a cold coffee instead.  Although, the stimulants in caffeine can still make you sweat, having a cold brew certainly slow it down.
  4. Use less deodorant – More deodorant doesn’t mean better protection.  Have you noticed that your pits are wet after 10+ swipes of your deodorant stick?  Now you’re starting the day off wet and that isn’t going to dry up anytime soon.  Try reducing the number of swipes by half and you’ll get a better result.

Parabens Make You Girly(er)

In case you don’t know what parabens are, they are artificial preservatives that are absorbed through your skin that can function as estrogen (the female hormone).  Their purpose is to stop fungus, bacteria, and other microbes from growing, thus causing you to smell.  All of the big brand deodorants use parabens to help keep the stink away.

According to Reuters Health, men who’ve been exposed to parabens have lower testosterone levels and more abnormally shaped and slow-moving sperm.  If you’re trying to get your wife pregnant you should consider staying away from anything that is made with parabens.

Natural Dapper Yankee Deodorant

Dapper Yankee doesn’t use parabens or aluminum in its deodorant.  When they say they offer a natural deodorant they mean it.  Here are the active ingredients in their deodorant: 

Zinc Oxide – Helps treat acne, improves healing of tissue damage, and helps prevent bacterial infections.

Arrowroot PowderPlant-derived and used to absorb odor and sweat

Lactobacillus Ferment – Combats nasty odor, it brings balance to your armpit’s natural microbiome, kind of like how removing the dark side brings balance to the Force

Coco-Caprylate – Reduces skin irritation and improves your skin health.  It’s also known to stimulate your hair follicles so you might see an increase in the underarm bush.  However, you should be manscaping those pits regularly so that shouldn’t be a problem

Switching to a Natural Deodorant

When you switch from your synthetic deodorant to the natural goodness of Dapper Yankee deodorant it might take some time for your body to adjust to the change.  Plus your body needs time to rid itself of all the toxins you’ve been applying since middle school. 

Here’s the Dapper Yankee Detox Guide:

Week 1:  You won’t see a notable change in your body odor as the detoxification process begins.

Week 2:  Your body will start flushing out the aluminum and toxins from your pits, so you might notice an increase in your sweat flow and you might stink a bit more than usual.  Don’t let that discourage you it’s all part of the process.

Week 3:  As your body continues to detox, you will notice that you are smelling less.

Week 4:  You’ll notice a significant decrease in odor and sweat as your body is now adjusting to your new routine.

The first few weeks of the detox are going to be the toughest.  You might get irritated and think that this deodorant is crap since it isn’t working, but the fact of the matter is it’s actually working.  Once your body is free of the chemicals, the deodorant does what it’s intended to do deodorizing your armpits, and help reduce sweating.

Wrapping Up

If you care about the way you smell and care about the people around you, you’ll gladly wear deodorant. 

Although we spray, roll, and rub synthetic deodorants on our pits, we all have been doing society a solid by keeping the stink at bay.  But now it’s time to throw away your old deodorants and antiperspirants and go with Dapper Yankee deodorant.

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14 Replies to “How to Get Rid of BO Naturally with Dapper Yankee Deodorant

  1. Like most others, these deodorants are leaving white stains on my work shirts. Rather than responding with “well I haven’t had any stain issues”, try using baking soda and vinegar with hot water and a brush. That should do the trick. Since several people are having this problem, consider putting a warning label on these things. Or maybe change the formula to a stain free product.

    1. You should really get that checked out! I have sensitive skin and the natural deodorants that have baking soda caused a lot of irritation and burning. However, I haven’t had an issue with this one. Everyone’s skin type is different, and I’m sure there’s a natural deodorant out there that will work for you. Good luck!

  2. Having the same issue that others are mentioning. Each “fragrance” that I’ve tried leaves residue/staining on my shirts. I can seemingly remove the residue if I hand wash the shirts and specifically target the underarm, but washing them in the machine as a normal load doesn’t seem to cut it. Pretty dissapointed.

  3. Seeing others have the same problem as me. I’ve using the pine tar for almost a month and it’s ruined every work undershirt I have. Dark stains on the light shirts, light stains on the dark ones. Thought it might be part of the detox process but I’m passed that now. Time to say goodbye

  4. I have recently swapped to Dr squatch deodorant, my favorite is the fresh falls.
    I used to get little painful swells under my arms which I would guess would be lymphnodes swelling in my arm pit while I was using other name brand deodorants that never seemed to work .
    Since I have been using Dr squatch I never have the painful swelling under my arms but it really does work and keep me smelling like Bo. I’m definitely going to keep using it. Done with the chemicals.

    1. Hey Curtis, I hear you! I had issues with other deodorants too. If you haven’t tried the Pine Tar yet, I might soon be your new favorite. It smells a bit different from the Pine Tar soap, but it’s nothing less than amazing!

  5. Love the deodorant BUT the oils or ingredients that they use left a permanent oily stain on the armpits of my shirts. Ruined hundreds of dollars of shirts that had to be tossed. Unfortunately cannot use Dr Squatch any longer.

    1. I’ve heard that the Bay Rum was leaving stains on black shirts and I had it happen to a couple of mine too. I thought maybe I was putting too much on? But since I started using Fresh Falls and Birchwood Breeze (alternating between the two) I haven’t had a problem with staining.

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