Fabletics Vs. Lululemon – Who Comes Out On Top?

fabletics editors choice
lululemon runner up

Excellent gym clothes are tough to find! Most often, you’ll be working with big-box store dollar bin sweats that may be comfy, but don’t hold up — or high-end luxury workout clothes that break the bank.

There had to be a spot for affordable, high performance athletic wear, so our editors took a look at reviews from across the internet.

We boiled our search down to two top activewear brands: Fabletics and Lululemon. Here’s what we think.

Key Similarities

  • Both are available online
  • Both offer a range of activewear for all kinds of physical activities

Key Differences

  • Fabletics is intelligently priced while Lululemon is seen as more of a luxury brand
  • Fabletics has a unique membership model which provides access to their Personal Trainer-led Workout App
  • Fabletics has a quiz option
  • Fabletics runs regular promotions whereas Lululemon focuses on holiday promotions

Fabletics Overview

Fabletics is all about quality, style, function, and simplicity.

From joggers, pants, tees, tanks, vests, sweatshirts, and jackets to underwear and accessories like socks and caps, you can get everything you need in one place at a great price. Fabletics’ shirts start at $24 and lined shorts from $44.95, but you can save even more money with their awesome VIP membership.

We’re wary of memberships, but theirs is clear and straightforward: for $54.95 every month, you get access to new arrivals every week with 20-50% off, free shipping and returns, and access to the Fabletics Fit App with trainer-led on-demand workouts. You can ‘Skip the Month’ by the 5th of each month, and won’t be charged.

If you forget to skip, your card will be charged $54.95 on the 6th of each month and you will receive one VIP Member Credit valued at $54.95. Then you can redeem that credit for any item or kit valued at $80!

We love that they offer classic colors like navy while also featuring two-tone purple and green shorts. There truly is something for everybody. Fabletics can take you from the weight rack to the basketball court, and finally back to the couch for a chill night in. With this fantastic brand, every guy can find their fit for 24/7 comfort and function.

Fit: 8/10, Quality: 10/10, Design: 8.7/10, Selection: 9/10, Price: 10/10, Rating: 9.3/10

Lululemon Overview

Known for their luxury yoga pants, Lululemon has branched out to offer a variety of clothing and accessories for everything from leisure to running. However, when we think of men’s activewear they’re not the first brand that comes to mind.

The men’s line occasionally uses high-tech and UPF protective fabric, but Lululemon’s more likely to push the styles than the fabrics. Although we weren’t particularly impressed by their color and pattern choices. It seems like they still mostly cater to women and use that as an excuse to add menswear as an afterthought.

Plus, without a membership option these items seriously add up when filling your cart. A limited selection with prices that start around $48 for a tank top drove down our rankings.

While we know they’re a long established performance brand, it doesn’t check off all our boxes.

Fit: 8.8/10, Quality: 9/10, Design: 8.4/10, Selection: 7.3/10, Price: 9.2/10, Rating: 8.0/10

Final Thoughts

Lululemon is a well-known workout brand that isn’t necessarily putting their best effort into their men’s line.

We found Fabletics to be the best brand for the best price. Basics in great fits and fun colors that hold up are all we’re looking for, and they absolutely deliver.

Fabletics has everything big brands have and more. With something for everyone and incredible offers like the 2 for $24 on shorts, you can’t not make the switch.

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