The Different Types of Outlets Worldwide

The Different Types of Outlets Worldwide

Traveling across the globe is an amazing experience with endless rewards. The bitterly cold winter months lead many of us to exotic destinations where we can unwind and enjoy the sun.

However, our essential electronic devices don’t always get the same warm welcome we do when touching down in a different country. To ensure your phone, computer, and other gadgets stay fully powered during your next vacation, here’s a guide to the different types of outlets worldwide.

Type A & B

Type A and B outlets are what we Americans are most used to, but they’re also used across most countries in North and Central America. Type A outlets allow for two flat parallel pronged plugs, and their voltage ranges from 100-127V.

Type B outlets feature a third pin for grounded plugs but remain compatible with type A plugs. Type A and B outlets support the NEMA cords that power most of North America!

Type C

If you’ve ever visited Europe, South America, or Asia, you’ve undoubtedly encountered a type C outlet. Unlike type A and B outlets, these outlets feature rounded features and circular pinholes.

Many have nicknamed it the “Europlug,” and the voltage ranges from 220-240V.

Type D

Type D outlets are found primarily in India and feature a unique three-pinhole design. Compatible type D plugs have circular pins, making the connection grounded.

Standard voltage is around 220-240V, and some sockets can support type C, E, and F plugs.

Type E & F

Type E outlets are mostly used in France, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, and Belgium. The socket supports two-pin plugs but also features a grounding piece.

The voltage, like many other European outlets, is 220-240V. Type E outlets can support C, E, and F plugs.

Type F sockets exist throughout Europe, except for the UK and Ireland. They are the grounded version of type C and have the same voltage of 220-240V.

Type G

This socket is the most used outlet in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and parts of Asia such as Malaysia and Singapore. It’s also common in Malta and the Arabian Peninsula.

It’s similar in appearance to the NEMA type A and B outlets and supports grounded plugs.

Type H

Type H is the outlet of Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. It looks exactly like a type C but features an extra pin for grounded plugs.

Luckily, type C plugs are compatible with type H outlets.

Type I

If you’re venturing to the “land down under,” you’ll be interacting with type I outlets. They come in both two pinhole and three pinhole designs for grounded and ungrounded plugs.

The standard voltage with these sockets is 220-240V. You’ll also find the type I outlets in China and Argentina.

These are the most common sockets across the globe! Use this guide on the different types of outlets worldwide to ensure your electronics stay functional while abroad.

The easiest way to solve any power issues is by purchasing universal outlet converters.

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