How to Use Cologne and Find Your Scent With an Alt Fragrances Discount Code

alt fragrances discount code

Some guys are clueless when it comes to wearing cologne and most really don’t care.  If it smells good they’re going to wear it.

However, if it smells like you just showered with a bottle of pre-teen body spray or a bottle of Aqua Velva, it might be best that you wear nothing at all. You and the people around you deserve better.

Going with the Trend

When I was in high school the most popular cologne was Drakkar Noir.  Although the cologne had been on the market for 10 years, my high school was just getting around to thinking it was cool. 

I think it all started when some guy tried his dad’s cologne and his girlfriend thought it smelled good on him. The next thing you know everyone was wearing it.  

In high school, if you don’t care enough to look for your own scent, the next best thing is to borrow it from your dad!  And there was nothing wrong with experimenting with the classics, like Stetson, Old Spice, Brut, or Jovan Musk for Men.

I never really followed what was popular in high school and I was always on the search for my own style.  One of my first colognes was Eternity by Calvin Klein

It had only been on the market for a few years and no one that I knew of was wearing it at my school.  I would like to think that the cologne landed me on all those first dates, but we really know it was just my good looks.

As I got older, I would oftentimes let my girlfriends pick out what they want me to wear.  However, that didn’t always work out since they would sometimes pick out some aweful smelling brands.

How Do You Find The Right Cologne?

There are a million and one scents to choose from. Some smell really great right out of the bottle, but once you start wearing them regularly, you might find that it really doesn’t smell that great on you.

I needed to take a new approach to find that scent that worked well with my body’s chemistry and one that every time I put it on it made me feel manly and confident.

The key to choosing the right cologne is finding a scent that makes you feel confident.

There are several ways to find the right cologne for you. You could go into Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue and ask for some samples. Try them for a week or and see how they work for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for samples of some of the high-end brands too. Creed and Tom Ford might easily set you back $400 per bottle, but a sample will cost you nothing. However, the best way to find your perfect scent is to check out an alternative fragrance.

Alternative Fragrances

So now you’ve found your perfect scent and it just happens to be Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille which costs about $155 per ounce. Yikes! You could pick it up and use it only on special occasions, but what fun is that? This is where an ALT Fragrances discount code would really come in handy. Who wouldn’t love to save a few bucks on something that smells identical to the name brand?

Luckily for us, ALT Fragrances offer designer-inspired colognes that smell exactly like the real thing for a whole lot less. You can get a 2-ounce bottle of Nicotianna No. 32 that smells just like Tobacco Vanille for only $30 an ounce!

Now you can spray away all day with a scent you love.

ALT Fragrances Discount Code

Cologne can get pretty pricey. If you find a scent that works for you it’s best to buy the larger bottle.  You’ll get more sprays over a longer period and it typically costs less than buying a small bottle. 

ALT Fragrances currently offer about 58 different scents that are all inspired by high-end brands.

You can even pick up sample sets for $40 or individual samples for $10 each. They are really generous on the samples too. Don’t forget to take advantage of the ALT Fragrances discount code, by using ULTIUBER at checkout!

Here’s what you can expect to pay on various size bottles:

  • 1 oz bottle of name brand cologne = 240 sprays @ 3 sprays per day = 80 days:  Annual Cost $228
  • 4 oz bottle of name brand cologne = 960 sprays @ 3 sprays per day = 320 days: Annual Cost $114
  • 1 oz bottle of high-end cologne = 240 sprays @ 3 sprays per day = 80 days:  Annual Cost $707
  • 4 oz bottle of name brand cologne = 960 sprays @ 3 sprays per day = 320 days: Annual Cost $513
  • 2 oz bottle of ALT. Frangrances brand cologne = 480 sprays @ 3 sprays per day = 160 days: Annual Cost $91

How Much and Where Should You Spray?

When wearing cologne, you should limit your sprays to three or four. Depending on the concentration of the scent you may be able to get by with only a couple of sprays. 

If you’re looking for the scent to last throughout the day you may need to add a few extra.

Try not to spray it on your clothes as it can leave stains. Also, if you plan on wearing the shirt again before washing it, you’ll want to stick with the same cologne for obvious reasons.

The best areas for a man to spray are on the warmest areas of the body; I recommend spaying on your neck under the jaw, your forearms, the back of your neck, and your wrists. I like giving the top of my head a spray too.

If you’re planning on driving any distance with people, I recommend keeping your sprays to a minimum. You don’t want to overwhelm your passengers!

Wrapping Up

Finding your scent isn’t all that difficult once you know where to look. Don’t be afraid to try something new or a scent that is marketed for both guys and ladies. Those scents can be extraordinary on a guy. Just remember to spray them directly on your skin.

Remember to check out ALT Fragrances and pick up some samples. They even have a scent that matches my $500 Creed Aventus for only $30. Plus there’s the ALT Fragrances discount code, just use ULTIUBER at checkout! It’s really insane why anyone would ever pay full price again? Unless, of course, you really want the bottle.

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