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stop snoring natrually

We all know someone who snores.  It can be annoying and really frustrating if you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep.  Especially when your significant other rolls over toward you and snores right in your ear.

On the other hand, maybe you’re the one with the snoring problem?  Snoring is more than just annoying for the person who has to listen to it, it can cause throat irritations, sleep deprivation, and other health problems for the person it affects. 

Almost half of all Americans snore and not many of them know what to do about it. Snoring happens when the relaxed tissues in your throat vibrate from a partially closed airway which causes all of those irritating sounds. There are ways to control those sounds to stop snoring naturally, but we should take a look at some of the health risks to get a better understanding.

Health Risks of Snoring

We often joke about our partner’s sleeping habits. But there’s nothing funny about sleep disorders.  Especially those that result in snoring.

The most severe sleep disorder is sleep apnea.  People who suffer from sleep apnea have a 40 percent greater chance of dying early.  This sleep disorder puts a person at greater risk for stroke, heart disease, and irregular heart rhythms.

Some other health issues that are a result of snoring include headache, depression, and low levels of sexual satisfaction.  Fortunately, there are several things we can do to help us to end snoring naturally.

Tips to Stop Snoring Naturally

There are several things we can do to end snoring naturally.  However, we need to identify the severity of our snoring before trying to address the cause of it.

  1. Lose weight – If you’re overweight there’s a good chance that you snore, and you snore loud!  The more weight you lose can help to alleviate the frequency and loudness of your snoring.
  2. Side or stomach sleeping – When you sleep on your back, this can sometimes cause your tongue to move to the back of your throat, thus obstructing the airway.
  3. Elevate your head – If you can’t sleep on your stomach or your side, try adding a few more pillows behind your head.
  4. Address your allergies – If you don’t treat your allergies, this can reduce the airflow through your nose, forcing you to breathe through your mouth.  Having a clear nasal passage will certainly help with your breathing and your snoring!
  5. Try not to drink (alcohol) before bed – This one might be difficult for anyone who likes an evening nightcap.  But alcohol does relax the throat muscles enough to cause snoring.
  6. Quit smoking – If you haven’t already heard, smoking is bad for you!  I’m not going to give you all the reasons why it’s bad, but I will tell you that smoking is a likely cause of your snoring.
  7. Dental mouthpiece, AKA Oral Appliance, AKA VitalSleep – OK, so there’s nothing natural about having something in your mouth while you sleep, but there’s a good chance that this will put an end to your snoring.  Especially if none of the other methods work for you. Your dentists might also recommend sleeping with a mouthpiece to help reduce nightly teeth grinding as well as an anti-snoring aid.

    Although this is not necessarily a way to stop snoring naturally, it can help put us on the right track.

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Some of us may feel pretty hopeless when it comes to finding an anti-snoring remedy.  When the folks at VitalSleep asked me to try their anti-snoring mouthpiece I was a little skeptical.  I couldn’t imagine sleeping with something in my mouth all night.

However, I decided to give it a try.  If this device will make the girlfriend happy and give me a better night’s sleep, then I’m all for it.  Since my girlfriend typically sleeps with earplugs (thanks to my snoring) I asked her to leave them out for the night while I give VitalSleep a try and see how well this thing works.

To my surprise, using the mouthpiece wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought, and I actually woke up feeling refreshed!  Best of all, the girlfriend said that was the best night’s sleep she got since we started dating!  That statement didn’t make me feel great, but I’m glad that she got some sleep and I found something that actually works.

There are several anti-snoring mouthpieces out there and they all claim to be the best.  However, VitalSleep truly is the best one available.  They are the only company to offer free replacements, a 60-night money-back guarantee, free same-day shipping, a 2-year warranty, and free exchanges!  Honestly, you have nothing to lose by giving VitalSleep a try!

stop snoring naturally

Wrapping Up

If you’re an experienced snorer or know someone who keeps you up all night from their snoring, then it’s time to address the problem.  

Although, we might laugh at our parents or grandparents when they pass out in the recliner and sound like a freight train on steroids.  And we might complain about our significant other who keeps us up all night; forcing us to sleep on the couch. There’s nothing funny about sleep disorders that could lead to some pretty severe health issues.

In addition to the other tips, VitalSleep might just be the answer you’ve been looking for to help you stop snoring naturally.

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