Ultimate Review of Dapper Yankee Soap and Why I Think it’s the Best

dapper yankee soaps

If you’ve been reading my blog you may have noticed that I used to be a huge fan of Dr. Squatch.  And honestly, until recently, I didn’t know much about any other natural soap brand. After learning more about the other brands out there I found that many of them are just as good, if not better than Squatch, particularly, Dapper Yankee.

Dapper Yankee launched in October 2021 and they are gaining traction pretty quickly.  Like Squatch, they offer natural soaps, beard products, accessories, and will soon be offering a deodorant (according to the Dapper Yanks Facebook group). 

Here’s the breakdown of the benefits of Dapper Yankee:

  • Products are made in the USA
  • Good for people of all skin types including sensitive skin
  • Made with high quality and natural ingredients
  • Exfoliating bars have the perfect amount of grit
  • All the soap bars are moisturizing
  • Masculine scents, but many can be unisex
  • Paraben-free and SLS-Free
  • High lather production
  • Generous customer loyalty rewards program
  • Offer a special discount for first responders, teachers, military, and veterans
  • Fast shipping
  • Offer free shipping on orders of $35 or more
  • Awesome customer service. They are very personable and make you feel good about your purchase.

Natural Soap

If you’re not familiar with natural soap, you really should get acquainted with it. This type of soap is free from chemicals and is actually a lot healthier to use than store-bought soap.

Soaps like Coast, Irish Spring, Dove, Dial, etc. are filled with chemicals that can actually do your body more harm than good.

Natural soaps are more expensive than the store-bought stuff, but after you start using them you’ll immediately notice the difference and wonder why you waited so long to switch.

One thing to keep in mind is that natural soaps melt fairly quickly. This is due to the natural oils and the lack of chemical preservatives. So it’s important to keep them as dry as possible between your showers.

There is a difference between “natural” and “all-natural” soap that a lot of natural soap brands don’t tell you. The ones labeled as “all-natural” don’t use fragrance oil, but rather essential oils. The bars that don’t state that they are “all-natural” use man-made fragrance oil; however, they are still considered natural due to the other ingredients. Dapper Yankee has no problem disclosing this and they are very transparent with all of their products.

Dapper Yankee Soap

After showering with each bar, I’ve had a chance to review all 12 of the soaps in the lineup.  I’ll discuss the scent, how it performed, and my final thoughts. 

Each of the Dapper Yankee soap bars lasted me about three weeks (I took more than one shower a day over the past couple of months), and that was using the recommended soap tray and SoapStandle.

Here’s the review and the Dapper Yankee soaps are listed alphabetically.

Blue Tropics

The scent of the Blue Tropics bar is nothing less than original. In fact, I’ve never smelled anything like it.  The box says that it has notes of citrus, spice, and sweet Amberwood. But the scent that was most prominent was the sweet Amberwood.  The scent is a bit on the sweeter side and reminded me of my time spent in Clearwater Beach, Florida, tropical and fun! 

The bar doesn’t have any grit so if you’re just looking for a moisturizing bar, this one is perfect.  The lather production on this bar was amazing and the colors are aesthetically pleasing with the deep blue and silver swirl; to me, the soap bar resembles the sun’s reflection on ocean waters.

This bar could certainly be unisex and honestly, it’s my wife’s favorite of them all.

dapper yankee blue tropics soap

Bourbon Legend

The Bourbon Legend soap bar was a bit surprising.  I was expecting it to smell like whiskey, but the scent is more on the sandalwood side.  However, I could detect a hint of a bourbon scent, unless that was my mind playing tricks on me; either way, the scent is pretty fantastic.

The lather production on this bar is freaking incredible!  I also use this on my beard, and I could smell the scent long after my shower.  It doesn’t appear to have any colorants added to it, so it’s naturally colored by the fragrance which is a light tan.  And honestly, soaps don’t need a lot of colors, as long as they smell fantastic and do the job.

With this being a sandalwood scent, I would put this on the more masculine side.  One of the customer reviews I read, stated that the scent reminded him of his grandfather.  Which I take as a rugged, manly, and classic scent.

dapper yankee bourbon legend soap

Cedar Mint Shampoo Bar (All-Natural)

When it comes to shampoo, I’ve only ever used liquid shampoos, so rubbing a bar on my head was a bit weird at first.  However, the Cedar Mint shampoo bar produced a ton more lather than any liquid shampoo I’ve ever used!  This is one of the all-natural soap bars in the Dapper Yankee lineup.  Rather than fragrance oil, this bar uses essential oils.

The scent is simple with a combination of cedar and mint, just as the name implies. And I love how refreshing the smell is.  This bar is made with menthol crystals which gave my scalp a slight tingling feeling that I really enjoyed. 

My mom has very dry hair from years of coloring, and she said that she loved the way it made her hair feel. I would have to say that based on the cedar smell this would be something a bit more for the guys, but there might be some ladies who find the bar appealing too. 

Another thing to note about this bar is that although it’s a shampoo bar, it’s perfect for using it all over.  It’s been two months now, and this bar is still in my shower and will probably be good for another few weeks before I need a new one.  So, this is certainly worth the money and lasts just as long, if not longer, than a bottle of liquid shampoo.  Plus, there’s no plastic waste!

dapper yankee cedar mint shampoo bar

Citrus Blonde IPA (All-Natural)

Another all-natural soap bar in the Dapper Yankee soap lineup is the Citrus Blonde IPA and one of its ingredients is beer!  However, you really can’t tell.  And I’m not even sure how you could tell if there was beer in it, but nonetheless, it’s an interesting ingredient.

The scent is simple as it’s straight-up orange.  If you like the energizing scent of orange, then you’ll love this bar. 

Oats were added to this bar to make it an exfoliating soap and the grit is on-point if you enjoy scrubbing away your dead skin.  It lathered up really nice and overall it was an enjoyable and refreshing experience.

dapper yankee citrus blonde ipa


There are a couple of things that attracted me to the Fireside soap bar.  First off, the colors are amazing with the orange, red, and black swirl.  They did an outstanding job on the design of this bar.

The second thing that grabbed my attention was the description of the scent, “…reminds us of good times sitting around the campfire…”, which really drew me in.  At first, the soap smells just like a campfire.  It has that burnt wood scent to it.  I really didn’t think I was going to like it, but the more I used it, the more it grew on me.  The scent is very earthy, complex, and original.  If you’re looking for a woodsy-smelling bar, you’ve got to have this one in your shower.

The lather production is great, but I did notice that the colorant bleeds a bit. So you might notice the color in the lather or even in your tub after the shower, however, it easily rinses away.

dapper yankee fireside soap

Fresh Coast

The freshest smelling Dapper Yankee soap is certainly Fresh Coast. The scent of this solid blue bar is nothing less than refreshing.  The description on the box notes that it has the scent of cypress and juniper berries.  Although I’ve never smelled either one, I really dig it and it quickly became another of my favorite scents.

This is another exfoliating soap bar and it’s infused with tapioca grains.  I found this to be really interesting since the only place I ever thought of finding tapioca was in my pudding.  However, the grit really surprised me, as it’s rougher than I expected, but not rough enough to where I didn’t want to use it.

What I find with a lot of exfoliating bars is that the moisturizing properties aren’t quite there, and they don’t produce that much lather.  However, this soap didn’t have that problem at all.  In fact, the only downfall, if it is a downfall, is that the color bled a bit. 

This is certainly a soap bar that can be unisex for both the scent and exfoliating properties.

dapper yankee fresh coast soap

Glacier Ridge

One of my favorite Dapper Yankee soaps is Glacier Ridge.  The light blue swirl in this white bar looks similar to how a natural glacier looks.

The scent is light and refreshing and is another scent that both men and women will love.  The musk smell is prominent in this bar, but it’s not overpowering.  Overall it has a very clean scent.

This is another one of Dapper Yankee’s exfoliating soaps and for this one they use pumice.  Pumice is probably my favorite exfoliator as it provides the perfect level of grit for daily use.

Like the Cedar Mint bar, this bar is also infused with menthol crystals, which I found to be really refreshing!  It wasn’t overpowering and didn’t give me chills, but it just felt like the bar was actually cleaning my body; super unique and refreshing!  Again, the lather production is on-point and, I will likely say that about all of Dapper Yankee’s soap bars.

dapper yankee glacier ridge soap

Pumpkin Ale (All-Natural)

Now, I’m not a huge fan of using anything pumpkin smelling on my body, so I was a little hesitant to try the Pumpkin Ale soap.  However, it really surprised me, as it doesn’t have that fake pumpkin candle type of smell.  Rather the scent is heavier on the clove and vanilla which makes this soap really enjoyable. 

This is another all-natural Dapper Yankee soap that uses natural fragrance rather than fragrance oil and it’s also another that is made with beer.  One thing I really noticed with this bar is how nice it made my skin feel as it was really moisturizing.

There isn’t any exfoliation in this bar and the lather is pretty perfect.  Although this could be a unisex scent, I would have to say it would lean more on the masculine side.

dapper yankee pumpkin ale soap

Rodeo Man

Hands down, the Rodeo Man scent is my favorite.  This Dapper Yankee soap has the most masculine and unique scent that I’ve ever used.  The box says that it has notes of bay leaf and tobacco and man does it smell good!  Even, after my shower, I could smell this on my skin.  It’s a very rugged and manly scent that almost smells like a type of cologne, but it’s too earthy to categorize it as that.  This is definitely one you need to experience for yourself.

Although they don’t consider this one to be an exfoliating bar, I could feel some of the infused sea salt.  Which is totally fine as it was very mild.  So if you are sensitive to grit, this really doesn’t have enough grit in it to be noteworthy.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this bar was that the red colorant bled a bit, which gave my shower a nice red hue; however, this wasn’t a big deal at all because the scent totally made up for it!

dapper yankee rodeo man soap

Root Beer Barrel

There is no denying the scent on the Root Beer Barrel soap bar.  It smells exactly like root beer candy.  If you aren’t a fan of root beer, then you’ll want to pass on this one.  This is one of those soap bars that piques your curiosity, and you might want to take a little lick.  Speaking from experience, don’t lick the soap.  It doesn’t taste good at all! 

Again the lather on this one was great, and the colors are perfect!  The deep brown and light tan make it look like a root beer float.  This is certainly a fun soap that you might even want to use on your kiddos!

As far as ingredients go, this bar is made with goat’s milk.  So if you are vegan you might want to stay away, but if you’re a vegan who loves root beer, you might say screw it, because it’s really that awesome!

dapper yankee root beer barrel soap

Sierra Pine Liquid Soap

OK, so the Sierra Pine liquid soap is obviously not a soap bar, but I needed to include it in this review since it is a soap. 

First off, the scent is out of this world!  It smells like fresh-cut pine and is just clean and natural.  This soap comes in a pump, so I have it on my bathroom sink.  However, with it being a liquid soap, I’m sure you could use it as a body wash too. 

The lather it produces is incredible and it has a very moisturizing feeling that leaves my hands feeling soft every time I use it.  The liquid is also a lot thicker than other natural liquid soaps. And it’s certainly a great hand soap to have at every sink in your home.

dapper yankee sierra pine bundle

Sierra Pine Shampoo Bar

Same great scent as the Sierra Pine liquid soap, but in a bar form; and this bar is another shampoo bar.  I don’t need to tell you how great the scent is since I already covered that in the previous section, but this is certainly a masculine woodsy scent, but I guess I could see how women would like it too.

The Sierra Pine shampoo bar is another one that has amazing lather.  I rubbed this bar through my hair just a few times and it produced more lather than a handful of liquid shampoo.  I was super impressed with how this made my hair look and feel.

The added bentonite clay and montmorillonite clay are nice ingredients as they are designed to help prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair, so who wouldn’t want that in a shampoo bar?

dapper yankee sierra pine shampoo bar

Tea Tree Mint Face Bar (All-Natural)

The Tea Tree Mint Face Bar is another one of my favorite Dapper Yankee soaps.  Although this is labeled as a face bar, I use it all over and it’s freaking awesome!  I would occasionally battle with breakouts, but since using this bar, I haven’t had any!  I think a lot has to do with the activated charcoal that’s in this bar.  Actually, it’s loaded with activated charcoal (which gives the soap its solid black color).

Using this on my face in the evenings instantly removes all the blackheads from my face and the tea tree tightens my skin, giving me a refreshed feeling.

This is certainly a unisex bar and is one that you really need to have in your shower or at least at your bathroom sink.  It’s probably the most perfect and all-natural body cleanser that I’ve ever come across.

dapper yankee tea tree mint soap

Dapper Yankee Soap Sample Pack

If you aren’t sure which Dapper Yankee soap to buy, they offer a soap sample pack where you can get a small half-ounce sample of each of their soaps. 

Keep in mind that the bars are small and melt pretty quickly, but each bar is good for at least a couple of showers, which is enough to give you a good idea of the scent and how it works on your skin.

dapper yankee soap samples

Dapper Yankee Soap Accessories

If you aren’t familiar with natural soaps, they do tend to melt at a much faster rate than the synthetic soaps you may be used to.  However, there are things that you can do to extend the life of the bar.

The goal is to keep the bar as dry as possible.  So instead of using a soap dish, you will want to use a soap tray that allows air to circulate around the bar.  Dapper Yankee offers them in two sizes, the regular 3-inch soap tray, and the 10-inch big soap tray.  I’m using the 10-inch tray in my shower so that I can have more than one bar available at a time.  I have my Tea Tree Mint face bar, my Cedar Mint shampoo bar, and my Rodeo Man soap currently on there.

Another product they offer is a SoapStandle.  This interesting little piece of plastic fits snugly on your soap bar and when you set it down the soap never touches any surface you put it on.  I have one for each of my Dapper Yankee soap bars.  It also pairs well with my soap trays too.  I can easily get three or more weeks out of a single bar!

Dapper Yankee also offers a soap travel bag that allows you to take your soap bar safely with you when you travel.

Other Dapper Yankee Products

In addition to soaps and accessories, Dapper Yankee also offers natural hairstyle balms, beard oils, and beard balms.  The scents in these also match some of the bar soaps, like Rodeo Man, Bourbon Legend, Sierra Pine, and Cedar Mint.  If you have a beard or hair for that matter, you’ll definitely want to look into these.

Wrapping Up

This was probably my favorite review to write.  I’ve been excited to share with you my thoughts on each of the Dapper Yankee soap bars and there is really nothing negative I can say.  They all performed really well.  Lather production was great and all of them were super moisturizing.  They also don’t melt as quickly as some of the other natural soaps I’ve used.

As a long-time user of Dr. Squatch, I’ve found Dapper Yankee soap to outperform Squatch soaps with longer-lasting scents and you don’t need to wait very long before receiving your order.

All of their scents are amazing, and although there were some that I liked more than others, they were all the perfect strength and not overpowering. 

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