Dapper Yankee is the Best Choice for Bar Soap

dapper yankee american natural soap

There are hundreds of body cleansers out there designed for all skin types.  You have your classic bar soap, bar soap with moisturizers, and bar soap with exfoliators.

Similarly, you have your body wash (the liquid goo that comes in a bottle) that has the same options and is similarly priced.  However, I recently discovered a new and up-and-coming brand called Dapper Yankee, and after my first shower, I was hooked. They are hands down the BEST choice for bar soap. Period.

Soap Experience

When I was a kid I loved the smells of Irish Spring and Coast.  I really don’t remember ever using a body wash until I was out of high school. The best thing about using these bar soaps was the smell and the fact that they didn’t require a lot of effort to use.

The downside to bar soap is that it melted quickly. And sometimes you would find a hair stuck to it.  If you share a shower with your family, you can only hope that it’s not a pube.

It wasn’t until 2016 when I found my favorite body wash, Jack Black Turbo Wash.  This stuff was a game-changer for me.  It was easy to use and didn’t make much of a mess. It was pretty expensive at $50 for a 33oz bottle, but this was my favorite best body wash for a long time and it smelled amazing

However, once I learned about the SLS and parabens that went into it, it quickly turned me off. Why the hell would I want to use a soap that has chemicals that can lead to health issues? Isn’t the point of good hygiene a means to promote healthy living?

What’s Best for Your Skin?

Bar soap and body wash both have their advantages, but which one actually better for your skin?

How about neither! After doing more research on this I learned that both store-bought bar soaps and body washes are horrible for your skin!

Regardless of what the company writes on the package. Soothing, moisturizing, “Zestfully Clean”, whatever. One thing all of these soaps have in common is what’s printed under ingredients, Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS). This is the same chemical they use in dish soap and toilet bowl cleaner.

If you find other ingredients that are hard to pronounce chances are those are likely parabens, which are also really bad for you. And these companies want us to put it on our skin? Seriously? Why was this ever approved by the FDA and why was this ever OK? It’s because the big soap companies think the average consumers are idiots.

These soaps might smell good, but they’re loaded with harmful chemicals that are doing more damage to your body than they are getting you clean.

Natural Soap

There is a slew of natural soap companies that all offer an alternative to the chemically enhanced store-bought soaps you’ve been using. I used to be a big fan of Dr. Squatch and I still love some of their products, but I’m not a huge fan of their marketing. They are going after a younger demographic, and most of their marketing doesn’t apply to me.

When I found Dapper Yankee natural soap I was happy to make the switch! Not only am I using a chemical-free soap, but my skin is actually improving. My eczema has cleared up, my skin is rarely dry, and I feel clean after every shower. Plus, they are marketed toward guys like me. It’s a product that I can relate to and I’m proud to use.

dapper yankee natural soap

Although Dapper Yankee products are geared toward men, several of their scents also appeal to the ladies. They currently offer 11 unique scents and some of the soap bars include natural exfoliators like tapioca grains, oatmeal, and pumice.

The soap bars are a bit more expensive running at $8.00 per bar and a bar typically lasts about 2-3 weeks. However, I’ve been cutting the bars in half and I can get a solid month out of a single bar!

Wrapping Up

Stop using the big brand soaps. There are better and safer alternatives. Although the cost might be a bit more than what you’re used to paying, it’s completely worth it. Can you seriously put a price on your health?

After my first couple of showers using Dapper Yankee, I was hooked. There’s no way I’ll ever go back to my old soap or use anything else.

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