Neglected Body Parts You’re Not Cleaning Enough

Neglected Body Parts You’re Not Cleaning Enough

You’re usually in a hurry after a good workout; you want to get the sweat and stank off you and move on with your day. But don’t forget to wash these neglected body parts you’re not cleaning enough when you hop in the shower.

Between Your Toes

Dirt, bacteria, and sock fuzz can lurk between your toes. Eventually, that buildup will start to smell bad.

Take the time to wash between your toes with soap. Don’t forget to dry them thoroughly to discourage fungus.

Belly Button

Similar to the area between your toes, your belly button is a spa for bacteria to hang out and multiply. Gently clean out your innie with a cloth or swab, or wash your outies with a loofah or a cloth.

Your navel is another area you should keep dry, so don’t forget to towel it off.

Behind Your Ears

Even if you shampoo regularly, you may forget to take a washcloth to the area behind your ears. Dirt can gather there, and glands back there secrete oils.

These can combine with flakes of skin to form a greasy, scrofulous mess. Wash behind your ears gently with a cloth, but try not to get water in your ears.

Keeping ears dry inside and out is one of many things you can do to promote good ear health.

Your Tongue

Sure, you pay attention to your oral health, but there are some things about dental health you may not know, other than brushing your teeth a few times a day and flossing. But there’s another important part of your mouth that needs attention: all those little bumps, nooks, and crannies on your tongue need a good once-over also.

Many toothbrushes come with tongue scrapers. Or you could remember to brush your tongue at the same time you brush your teeth.

Attending to these neglected body parts you’re not cleaning enough will make you feel better, smell better, and stay healthier. So give yourself an extra minute in the shower to wash more thoroughly and reap the benefits of a cleaner, more attractive you.

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