January is Bath Safety Month – Don’t Die In The Shower

Bath Safety Month - UltiUber Life

There’s a good chance that you didn’t know that January is National Bath Safety Month. You may be thinking, who the hell thinks about taking safety precautions in the bath or shower? And that, my friend, is exactly why National Bath Safety Month is here! This is the time to remind you to recognize staying safe while getting clean.

Bath Safety for the Elderly

It’s true that the elderly have more falls and accidents in the bath than us young whippersnappers. And if you have an elderly parent or grandparent, you really should check to make sure that their bathtub has all the safety features installed, especially if they live alone.

Safety features may include the following:

Bathtime for Kids

If you’re a parent, you need to make sure that you’re providing a safe place to get your grimy little monkey clean. The age of your tot will determine what type of bath safety precautions to take. As your little one gets older the safety requirements will change.

Precautions to Keep Your Kids Safe

  • Get a spout cover to protect your kids if they bump their head or face on the spout
  • Install a non-slip bath mat for the tub
  • If your kid is under a year old, be sure that they are in a bathtub designed for kids.
  • Kids under 4 years old should never be left alone! Make sure that you have their towel, washcloth, toys, and everything else, BEFORE starting bathtime.
  • Adults can handle a hot shower pretty well, but kids can burn easily so it’s important that the water temp is comfortable and not too hot. If you aren’t sure, get a bathtub thermometer.

Bath Safety for Dudes

It may be obvious that the elderly and kids need more attention when it comes to being safe in the bath. However, guys need to think about safety too. It’s not uncommon to get lightheaded from a steamy shower or drop your bar of Dapper Yankee soap and slip and fall. Having a tub mat in your bathtub is an easy and low-cost precaution to take.

Another precaution to take is to never shower during a thunderstorm. Yeah, I know that it sounds crazy, but there is that one in a million chance that you could actually get electrocuted during your shower if your house is struck by lightning. Lightning not only travels through electrical wiring, but it can travel through your pipes too. It’s worth the wait unless you are the kind of guy that likes to live on the edge and take chances.

Wrapping Up

National Bath Safety Month is here as a reminder to keep us and those we love safe while getting clean every day. So remember, make sure that grandpa can get in and out of the shower without falling. Make sure that you don’t burn your kids in the tub, because “hot water burn baby.” And if someone says that they are going to jump in the shower, check to make sure that they have a tub mat because it’s dangerous to jump in the shower!

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