The Best Underwear That Will Ever Touch Your Man Goods | T-Bô Underwear Review

Tbo Comfortable Underwear

Underwear should be the single most important piece of clothing you own.  It’s the one layer that separates the most valuable area of a man’s body from the friction and chaffing of stiff fabric and dangerous zippers

If you’re on a mission to find that perfect pair of underwear you need to check out T-Bô.  They figured out how to create a pair of underwear so incredibly comfortable, that you might forget that you’re wearing any at all.

T-Bô Underwear Design Collaboration

Wouldn’t it be great if you could help design the perfect pair of underwear?  What makes T-Bô stand out among the slew of other underwear brands is what they call “co-creation”. 

Rather than having retailers or an in-house design team tell you what you should wear, T-Bô has a growing community of 400,000 members of regular guys like you and me who help decide how your underwear should look and feel. The community pitches new ideas and helps define every aspect of the product.

This type of immense collaboration has helped to shape the perfect pair of underwear.

tbo brief styles

T-Bô’s Fabric of Choice

The standard fabric for most underwear brands is cotton.  Although there’s nothing wrong with cotton, there are better alternatives, most particularly, bamboo. 

In recent years bamboo fibers have become a popular textile for producing clothing because it’s breathable, highly absorbent, ultra-soft, and sustainable.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet.  Certain species have been found to grow up to 35 inches per day!

Bamboo is completely renewable and doesn’t need as much water as cotton.  Since bamboo is organically antifungal and antimicrobial it doesn’t need any chemical pesticides.  

T-Bô uses a special bamboo-fabric blend that is incredibly soft and lightweight.  Additionally, the fabric is moisture-wicking, antimicrobial (keeps the funk away from your junk), and hypoallergenic.  These are the kind of boxer briefs (or briefs if that’s your thing) that you want hugging your body and most importantly your pocket rocket.

T-Bô’s Underwear Design

T-Bô figured out how to make the softest and most comfortable pair of underwear. Every pair has anti-chafing features that include a tear-away care label and stay put legs with flat seams that prevent riding. 

Another great feature of T-Bô’s underwear is their flyless front that conforms to your man goods. 

This isn’t just a cup to hold your frank and beans, but it actually conforms to your size and shape, thus enhancing your bulge!  And who doesn’t want to have an enhanced bulge?

The flyless front may not be for everyone.  Some guys, including myself, enjoy a quick draw fly, but maybe that will be a new design feature down the road?

Putting T-Bô to the Test

The guys at T-Bô were generous enough to send some pairs to try out.  I received the Must-have Boxer Briefs and the Must-have Trunks.

The fabric is on-point and the comfort and softness of both styles were amazing!  I wasn’t too keen on the flyless design; however, I didn’t have any trouble getting to my guy when I needed to.  Honestly, they are so damn comfortable, this quickly became a nonissue.

Something that you may want to keep in mind when you pick out your pair of T-Bô underwear is the inseam.  The inseam on the boxer briefs is 4 inches, while the trunks have a 2-inch inseam. 

tbo trunk compare

Typically, I prefer trunks over boxer briefs.  However, I found these trunks to be a bit shorter compared to what I have in other brands.  The boxer briefs are actually closer to the size of the trunks that I’m used to wearing.  

No matter what I was doing throughout the day, they stayed right where they needed to be.  I had no issues with having to readjust because they were riding up and I loved how they kept everything cool and dry; just the way it should be.

Both styles lived up to the hype of great fitting underwear, with stay-put legs and a perfect bulge enhancing front.

One other thing that impressed me was the packaging.  The underwear came in a recyclable cardboard bag.  Despite what my fiancée thinks about me when I accidentally put a beer can in the trash instead of the recycle bin, I do give a damn about the environment.  And I’m glad that T-Bô does too.

tbo package

Wrapping Up

When it comes to underwear, guys have a lot of options and features to consider. And searching for that perfect pair of underwear sometimes feels like a relentless quest. 

However, T-Bô has made it a whole lot easier to find your next favorite pair of comfortable underwear.  Hey guys, guess what?  Your search is over.

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