Summer Checklist: Ways To Take Care Of Your Home in Summer

take care of your home

There are a few chores to take care of now that summer is here. Find out where you should start so that you can spend your summer relaxing and having fun!

As the nice weather rolls in, it’s the perfect time to start a few summer projects around the house. Doing this keeps your home looking great. Moreover, some projects are easiest to do in the summer.

If you’re in an area that experiences various weather types, you’re not going to stain the fence in the dead of winter, for instance.

While the nice weather’s here, find out ways to take care of your home in summer!

Clean the Patio

On a nice day, spend some time outside cleaning off your patio or deck. If it’s stone, you may need a power washer for a spotless job.

Wooden decks may need staining, especially after a long winter. As you look for areas to stain, you should also check for weak spots where the wood may have rotted. You might have to replace certain sections.

Test the Garage Door

Summer is the perfect time to make sure your garage door is still in full operation. So, take care of some necessary maintenance. You should care for the door by:

  • Lubricating the tracks
  • Checking the weatherstripping
  • Clearing any debris

Knowing how to extend your garage door’s life helps it last longer. As you test your door, watch its opening speed, and listen for any new sounds.

Catching a problem early on is ideal and saves you money. Also, replacing your garage door in summer is better than doing so in the colder months since it can play a part in helping to regulate the temperature in your home.

Take Care Of Cooling Systems

The last thing you want is for your AC to fail you in the heat of summer. Call a professional to make sure your air conditioner is still working as it should. The indoor vents may need cleaning too.

Additionally, check your ceiling fan blades. You may need to clear them of dust. You’ll also need to switch the fan to spin counterclockwise so it’ll blow cool air down.

Extra Chores To Do

As you start crossing off items on your summer checklist, a few extra ways to take care of your home in summer include:

  • Washing the windows
  • Inspecting the fence
  • Tending to the landscaping

While you can do some of these chores on your own, others may require an expert. For instance, if you plan on cleaning the chimney or reroofing your home, it’s best to leave it to a contractor.

Getting these chores done in the summer is easy since most require outdoor work.

You can enjoy the beautiful weather and boost your home’s curb appeal.

Better yet, you can get those chores done early on so that you can spend your weekends enjoying the weather!

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