The Best Screen and Windshield Cleaner – iCloth Cleaning Wipe Review

iCloth Cleaning Wipes

In order for a product or service to grace the pages of UltiUber Life, it needs to be powerful enough to resonate with my audience (you).  When I was first approached by the folks at iCloth, I wasn’t really sure they would be a good fit?

Seriously, who wants to read anything about cleaning wipes?  Next to the toothpick, cleaning wipes are one of the most uninteresting products to write about.  However, they offered me a few boxes of wipes to try out.  I have to say, I was pretty impressed. Who knew that cleaning wipes would have such a positive impact on my life?

New Windshield

A couple of months ago my family and I were driving back to Virginia from Ohio.  My fiancée was asleep with her feet on the dash.  I had to brake quickly which caused her to freak out and her foot pressed so hard on my windshield that it caused it to crack.  I wasn’t happy.  Being the good woman that she is, she quickly scheduled an appointment to replace the windshield.

A couple of days later I had a new windshield.  The installer told me not to run it through a car wash for a couple of days and not to use any chemicals on it to clean it for a week.  The following week we had some torrential rain, and my wipers weren’t doing their job and the water was just smearing all over the glass.  I thought that it was an issue with the wipers, so I replaced them.   

Replacing the wipers didn’t work.  This oily substance on the windshield was preventing the wipers from making good contact with the glass.  After using Windex, a scrub brush, Goo Gone, and Dawn dishwashing liquid, the residue was still there!  After spending a couple of hours trying to get the oily shit off the windshield, I gave up.  At this point, I’m ready to call the windshield installer to complain about this shitty windshield.

iCloth Worked Like Magic

The folks at iCloth reached out to me the week I was having issues cleaning my windshield. Great timing, right?  iCloth sent me some sample boxes and I was excited to see what these little (in this case I got some XL wipes) wipes could do.

I wiped down my windshield inside and out with glass cleaner and paper towels and made sure that the glass was dry.  Then I opened one of the individually wrapped iCloth XL wipes and wiped down the windshield.  It actually took me two XL wipes to give it a good cleaning.

I ran a quick test with wiper fluid and BOOM, problem solved!  These wipes worked like magic on my windshield!  I wasted so much time effing around with all these stupid cleaning products when all I needed was a “moist towelette”!

After cleaning the windshield, I went on an electronics cleaning spree.  I’ve always just used a dry microfiber cloth for cleaning my monitors and TVs because you never want to use water or glass cleaner on your screens.  After using iCloth the results were amazing!  All of my screens look brand new.

iCloth Cleaning Wipes Pricing

The cost of the wipes is fair. Considering you get individually wrapped cleaning wipes, that can act as a disinfectant and are safe for all surfaces.

A box of 24 XL wipes that measure 9 in x 12 in are $23.99

A box of 50 standard size wipes that measure 5 in x 7 in are $34.99

iCloth is a Trusted Brand

When buying a product, you probably don’t think to ask who else uses the products.  However, iCloth is a trusted name in the aviation industry.  These cleaning wipes are in use for cleaning instruments in the cockpits of major airlines and the U.S. military.  They’re also used to clean the screens, headrests, and seat tables on commercial airlines to help keep COVID-19 away.  If these individually wrapped wipes are good enough for the aviation industry, then they are good enough for me!

Wrapping Up

The iCloth cleaning wipe is perfect for consumers and small business owners too.  If you have electronics in your home, a windshield on your vehicle, or want to keep the COVID away, you need to pick up a few boxes of iCloth cleaning wipes.

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