Ikonick Takes Art and Inspiration to a New Level

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As a kid, you probably had a poster or two on the walls in your bedroom.  It may have been your favorite quarterback, superhero, or the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model you were crushing.  Regardless of who or what you had on your walls, you had it up there because you felt a connection and it inspired you. 

Your childhood heroes are iconic. There is no doubt as to why they would surround you on the walls of your bedroom. They are all part of an influential idea that reminds you to be better and dream bigger.  The artwork hanging on your walls tells your story of who you are or where you want to be.

What is Art?

When you hear the word “art”, the first thing that may come to mind is a painting or a sculpture.  However, the idea of art can go so much deeper.  Art is creativity transformed into reality.  Art challenges us to think differently.  And possibly see life through another’s eyes. It could be beautiful, disturbing, erotic, or inspirational.

Have you ever seen a child’s drawing?  It’s often pretty simple, but it’s a depiction of how they see the world.  When my oldest son was 10 years old I took him to work with me. He sat at my desk and drew a picture of me as I worked.  Although his picture doesn’t look exactly like me (especially since I’m a white guy with a much bigger head), it was his way of communicating the details of what he perceived. His drawing is masterful and gives us a clear understanding of what he is seeing.

Art Makes You Happy

Regardless of the type of artwork you hang, whether it’s a poster, abstract painting, or just a decoration, hanging something that means something to you has a huge impact on your emotions and overall well-being. 

Artwork should be inspirational and awaken the senses of the observer.  Art is scientifically proven to enhance brain function and can help increase serotonin levels, which is the chemical in the brain that regulates your mood. AKA the Happy Hormone. When viewing a piece of artwork that you love, you’ll immediately feel your level of happiness increase.

Inspirational Artwork

Recently I was introduced to Ikonick who specializes in motivational and inspirational canvas art.  They go way beyond the traditional and boring black border motivational quotes you often see at your doctor’s office.  Ikonick’s canvas art is truly unique and after viewing just a few of their pieces, my serotonin levels were through the roof!  There are so many pieces of artwork that spoke to me directly as if they were created just for me.

This is how artwork should make you feel.  I have pieces of art throughout my home by various artists. This includes some abstract pieces that were created by my mom and brother who are both professional artists.  I also have a canvas print of my hometown of Columbus, Ohio that is on the wall above my desk to always remind me of home.  However, I haven’t seen anything as unique and powerful as the artwork offered by Ikonick.

Ikonick’s Take on Art and Inspiration

Ikonick is a Los Angeles brand that takes motivational art to a new level. They incorporate pop culture with sometimes familiar, but always fascinating images.  There are pieces that speak to everyone.  If you are looking to motivate your teams in the office, they have some amazing pieces for that. 

Many of us have converted our spare bedrooms and kitchen tables into our new home office space and a little motivation doesn’t hurt to help keep us on track.

Ikonick even offers a kids collection so you can redecorate your kid’s room with simple motivational pieces to always remind them that there is no limit on what they can do.

Ikonick offers paintings that appeal to everyone.  The one that caught my eye is now hanging in my office. And it pretty much sums up why I spend so much time sitting in front of my PC.

Wrapping Up

Artwork has the ability to speak to us on a level that is unlike anything else.  It connects us to a world of creativity and mindfulness that we may not otherwise see. It helps us to become more passionate about what we’re doing and taps into our emotions to help bring us closer to where we want to be. 

The creative minds at Ikonick deliver a whole new way of looking at art.  Although we may already have the drive to stay on course, they provide that extra little push to help remind us why we’re here.

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