PSA: Alcohol Delivery Is a Real Thing And It’s Legal

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Did you know you can have alcohol delivered straight to your door?

Drizly is a service that delivers alcohol directly to you in under 60 minutes. The best part? You can easily shop across multiple liquor stores to find the best price.

We’ve all been in those frustrating scenarios: the only store open doesn’t stock the specific drink you were after. Maybe you were at a party and ran out of vodka or, worse, were hosting a party and didn’t buy enough beer. Or, maybe you’re looking to relax now that the kids are in bed, only to open the cupboard and discover you’re all out of wine.

Whatever situation you were stuck in, with Drizly you can kiss those days goodbye.

What is Drizly?

Drizly is a website (and app) that makes it easier than ever to have your drink of choice delivered fast.

By partnering with local retailers, Drizly fulfills orders for every kind of beer, wine, and spirit available at your local liquor stores, meaning you don’t have to trek from shop to shop in search of your drink of choice. With on-demand delivery, getting a drink in your hands has never been quicker or easier.

How does it work?

It’s simple – go to or download the app, enter your address to browse the selection of beer, wine, and spirits available from a range of liquor stores in your area. There are literally thousands of options and it lets you compare prices from store-to-store. Add to your cart, check out, your order will be prepared and packed by a partner liquor store in the area and you’ll get a notification when it’s on its way.

How long does it take?

The average delivery time is 40 minutes, and all orders arrive in under 60 minutes. You’ll know the delivery time before you place your order.

At a party and out of beer? Some orders take as little as 20 minutes to arrive. And for those who like to plan ahead, you can schedule deliveries from Drizly up to two weeks in advance.

Is it legal to buy alcohol online?

Yes! However, you do have to be 21+ and the delivery driver will check your ID, so have that handy.

Besides the obvious perk of delivery, does Drizly have any hidden perks?

Loads, here are just a few:

Gifts – You can give the gift of alcohol to anyone over 21 anonymously or with your name on it.

White-Glove ServiceDrizly will help you coordinate events or bulk orders. So if you’re doing a virtual event, you can send the same bottle to everyone so it’s like you’re drinking the same thing together.

Extras  – What else do you need? Ice? Maybe some OJ for mimosas, a couple of limes for the tequila, and paper towels for your clumsy friend? If the liquor store has it, Drizly can deliver it.

How much does it cost?

You’ll be paying store prices and an optional tip for your driver. If you’re in NYC, there’s never a delivery fee. In other cities, some retailers choose not to charge a delivery fee either. Most importantly, delivery will never cost more than $5. No matter if you order a bottle of wine or $300 worth of alcohol, it will only ever cost you $5.

ORDER NOW to get $5 off your drink of choice!

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