Obtaining an Online Divorce in 3 Simple Steps

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Divorce is an expensive process that taxes both your emotions and your wallet. Between the court filing fees, attorney fees and the time spent away from work completing forms, the costs of traditionally filing for divorce can feel nearly unavoidable.

For many couples, unhappy or unproductive marriages are perpetuated because there is a perception that legal divorce is more expensive than either party can afford.

But as it turns out, there is an innovative new way to file for a divorce without going into debt: online divorce.

Obtain an Online Divorce

Online divorce is a unique new route for filing for divorce that is not only streamlined but also exceptionally affordable. 

Online divorce service providers like One Stop Divorce have pioneered a new, legal method for filing a certified divorce with your local court system.  They have revolutionized the divorce filing industry by cutting down on the time and money spent as you work through an uncontested divorce.

First and foremost, these services cut out the largest and most expensive middlemen in the entire divorce process – the attorneys.

As it turns out, you can file for an uncontested divorce without an attorney at all…and in doing so, you save on their exorbitant retainer fees!  The process can be fast and simple with only three steps.

Step #1 – Determine If Your Divorce Is Uncontested

First and foremost, online divorce services are only designed to handle uncontested divorces exclusively.

In other words, you and your spouse must be in full agreement regarding all terms of asset division. Including the following:

  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Wealth

Before initiating an online divorce, be sure that you can legally establish such an agreement between your spouse and yourself.

Without doing so, you may run into trouble when it comes time to file with your local court.

Step #2 – Fill Out All Appropriate Paperwork

This is where online divorce services really shine.

Rather than requiring hours of time spent with an expensive attorney, online divorce services provide you with all of the paperwork needed to file for a divorce in your state and local jurisdiction.

You’ll be able to fill in all the appropriate paperwork on your own time without spending extra money. In some cases, you may obtain your divorce paperwork immediately.

In general, all the forms would be prepared within two business days.

Services like One Stop Divorce do not offer legal advice, but they do provide internal assistance to help navigate more complex bureaucratic paperwork. This can really empower individuals to seek divorce-filing assistance without worrying about incurring a pricy bill.

Step #3 – Serve the Divorce and Complete Necessary Court Filings

Finally, online divorce services will help you serve your spouse with the divorce filing in accordance with local and state laws.

These services are aware of all local court requirements and can provide you with accurate information.

The final result: You download your completed divorce forms & filing instructions online from your computer. And after a few clicks, you’re done!

The Bottom Line

You’ll be able to fill in all the appropriate paperwork on your own time without spending extra money.

Overall, online divorce is the clear and obvious solution for individuals looking to complete this complex process without bogging you down in paperwork and auxiliary costs.

While a divorce is never a desirable situation, it’s good to know that affordable options like One Stop Divorce are available! Streamline your form submissions and receive assistance as you proceed through a challenging — but important — step in your life.

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