Ekster Key Holder – Never Lose Your Keys Again

Ekster Key Holder

Ekster, the World’s largest smart wallet brand will soon be releasing a key holder that will make our lives a little easier.  The days of lost keys and fumbling with keyholes will be long gone with the Ekster Key Holder.

In addition to the key holder, Ekster has released some awesome new wallets.  I had the opportunity to pick up the Modular Secretary which is a huge upgrade from my previous bifold wallet.  I’ll get more into that after I tell you about the Ekster Key Holder.

Know Where Your Keys are Hiding (and Your Phone)

Wouldn’t it be great if your keys were smart enough to find themselves?  Soon, they will be…well, kind of.  The most unique feature of this key holder is the tiny bit of technology they pack into this tiny space.  The key holder connects to your smartphone through the Chipolo app and works with crowd GPS and Bluetooth to help you locate your keys.

According to Ekster, the key tracker is powered by a small hamster that runs on a very tiny wheel.  After a bit of digging, I found that it actually runs on a replaceable CR1616 battery that will last anywhere from 6 months to a year.

If you happen to lose your phone and have your keys (which happens to me on the regular), with the press of a button on my Ekster Key Holder, I can make my phone ring, even if it’s in silent mode!

Lighting the Way

Another great feature of this keyholder is the built-in LED light.  The light serves a couple of purposes.  When you activate the locator the light will turn on so you can easily find your keys, even in the dark!  This is a great feature when your girlfriend gets mad (after an evening of too many cocktails) and throws your keys in the yard. 

Again, no more fumbling with keyholes when you use the LED light when putting the key in the lock. This is a huge security feature that will help you get into your home even faster.

Reduce the Clutter and Carry Smarter

The Ekster Key Holder is made of stainless steel and can store 3 to 8 keys. It measures less than 1 ½ inch long (without the magnetic add-on).  You can connect the magnetic add-on to allow you to attach larger keys, like a car key fob, or the skeleton keys to your castle. 

With standard size keys stored in the key holder, there is no more jingling of keys.  This design will help you remain in stealth mode when going to your car, arriving home, or sneaking out of the house.

Another smart feature of this key holder is one that you would never imagine.  It has the ability to connect to your phone to act as a selfie remote!  Just prop up your phone, smile, and press the button! 

Upgrade Your Wallet to the Modular Secretary

Ekster is known worldwide for its elegant and extremely functional wallets.  All of their wallets have built-in RFID blocking technology and offer the optional tracking device that is about the size of a credit card.  Like the Ekster Key Holder, the tracker works the same way. Except that it has a rechargeable battery that can keep it working for several months.

One of the newest wallets to the Ekster collection is the Modular Secretary.  The Modular Secretary is a bifold wallet that is the first of its kind to offer quick access removable and magnetic credit card holder that is built into the wallet.

It is the slimmest bifold wallet at less than ½ inch (when empty), but it can accommodate over 12 cards and more than 12 bills.  There is even an easy access slot that will help you to access your bills quickly and easily.

Features of the Modular Secretary Wallet

The Modular Secretary wallet isn’t just a wallet.  It is an ingenious accessory that every guy needs to have. Having a removable and magnetic credit card holder gives you the flexibility to carry light.  Maybe you’re heading to the gym and don’t need everything in your wallet, or maybe you’re going to the bar and just want to slide something in your front pocket.  

Another great feature of this wallet is that the modular credit card holder will allow you to scan your payment (providing you have a contactless card) or door access card without having to remove the card from the holder! 

Wrapping Up

There are three things that guys should never leave home without, their phones, wallet, and keys.  And Ekster is helping to make sure that you don’t leave home without them. 

The Ekster Key Holder is seriously one of the coolest and smallest tech gadgets that will be available very soon.  And their wallets are not only functional, but they are classy, elegant, and so well made that you’ll be proud to carry one with you everywhere you go.

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