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If you’re a guy you’ve probably shaved your face or at least some part of your body.  And finding the best razor for your skin isn’t an easy task.  I recently found the Aqua Jet Razor which has completely changed the way I shave.

Before I found the Aqua Jet Razor I would oftentimes switch between brands because I’d find a deal on a starter kit rather than spending the money on a new set of expensive cartridges. 

The only thing that sucks more than paying $40 for a pack of blade cartridges is nicking your balls with one of them.

Types of Razors

There are five main types of razors and all of them do the exact same thing.  However, depending on you how you like to shave will affect the type of razor you use.

The Straight Razor

The straight razor became popular in the 1700s when men moved away from using a hatchet to shave their faces.  There have been several design variations over the centuries, but in the early 1900s, the design was perfected and hasn’t changed much since.

If you want the closest shave possible, the straight razor is your best bet.  However, that close shave doesn’t come without a price.  It takes a lot of time to master it and does take time to carefully maneuver the razor over your face so you don’t slit your own throat.

A good straight razor costs around $200 and there are no annual maintenance costs other than your shaving cream. 

The Double Edge Safety Razor

The double edge safety razor is another great option if you are looking for a super close shave and low maintenance costs.  This is also great at reducing bumps and acne.  The great thing about this razor is that you’re less likely to slit your throat! 

The double edge razor is another inexpensive option.  The razor itself only costs about $100 for a good one and then about $10 per year for replacement blades (if you need them).

The Disposable Razor

The disposable razor deserves mention in this list of razors because, at one time in my life, I was very poor, and the disposable razor was my friend for its low cost. 

If you are looking for a close shave without irritating your skin, this is NOT the razor you want to buy. 

The only thing this razor is good for is keeping them on hand when you have guests over and they forget their razor. 

The Electric Shaver

If you are looking for the fastest shave of your life, you’ll want an electric shaver in your bag of man tools.  The electric shaver is portable (providing you get a cordless one) so you can shave anywhere, saving you time.  Unfortunately, time is the only thing that this shaver is gonna save you. 

An electric shaver costs anywhere from $40 to $400 bucks.  Although the maintenance on these is low, you will eventually need to replace the blades in them, and those don’t come cheap either. 

Oh, and if you are interested in an increased chance of bumps, ingrown hairs, and acne, you definitely want this shaver!  Again, the only thing good about these shavers is their portability and time they might “shave off” your day.

The Cartridge Razor

The most popular type of razor available is the cartridge razor.  These razors make it nearly impossible to cut yourself, reduce bumps and acne (when you change the cartridge regularly), and have a very low initial cost.  These are great razors for anyone starting out or if you need a quick and pain-free shave.

The downfall of these razors is their annual maintenance costs.  In addition to buying shaving cream, you’ll need to replace the cartridge at least two or three times per month.  This is going to add up quickly considering the cost of a cartridge is around $3.00. 

Some guys will prolong the blade until it is too uncomfortable to use.  And this is fine, but you will run eventually run into razor burn and that’s no fun.  Another thing to consider is how hairy you are.  Although you are supposed to rinse the blade after every stroke, the hair will still build up under the blades, thus reducing the quality of your shave.

Clogged razor blade
Hair and skin buildup in razor blades

The Aqua Jet Razor

Now that you have a better understanding of the types of razors available it’s time to introduce you to the Aqua Jet Razor that will change the way you shave forever.

The uniqueness of the Aqua Jet Razor is that it’s a razor that connects to your shower head by a tube that constantly delivers water to the blades.  

With water continuously passing through the blades means that you will have not only a clean razor, but you won’t need to use shave cream or anything else on your face to keep your skin hydrated.  

Maybe you’re the kind of guy that doesn’t like to shave in the shower?  This razor will change your mind and you’ll be excited to jump in the shower for a shave!  Aqua Jet Razor even includes a fogless mirror with each of their razors and a convenient razor holder.

Aqua Jet Razor Costs

The Aqua Jet Razor is similar to a cartridge razor where you’ll still replace the blades every week or two. But the replacement cost for each cartridge is only $1.99. And you can set up a subscription to have them automatically mailed to you.

Not only will you save money on the cartridges, but you won’t need to ever buy shaving cream ever again.  The Aqua Jet Razor retails for only $40. It includes the mirror, the adapter for connecting to your shower, the handle, and a cartridge.  

Benefits of the Aqua Jet Razor

There are three main benefits to the design and using the Aqua Jet Razor. 

1. Continuous Cleaning – Since water is pushed through the blades, they are continuously cleaned during your shave routine.  This process prevents hair and dead skin from building up in the blades, thus giving you a closer shave and preventing irritation.  This also helps the blades stay fresher and sharper for longer.

2. No More Chemicals – It might not be something you think about, but shaving cream is full of chemicals that help to moisturize your shave.  Triethanolamine, diethanolamine, and monoethanolamine are common chemicals found in shave creams and gels.  These chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption and can lead to cancer-causing nitrates.  The Aqua Jet Razor hydrates your skin using…wait for it…water! Brilliant right?!

3. Moisturizing – The water passing through the blades also acts as a moisturizer. Making this the most natural shave of your life.

You can also use the Aqua Jet Razor handle as a sprayer to wash your dog in the shower or rinse your kid’s hair with it (Just remember to remove the blade)!

Wrapping Up

Guys (and ladies) have a lot of options for shaving. There are certainly benefits and failures to each of the razors I described.  However, the Aqua Jet Razor is the only razor that offers the fastest, closest, and most comfortable shave without the use of chemicals. It has truly changed the way I shave.

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