Why You Need A Born Tough Workout Bag

Born Tough Gym Bags

Since most gyms across the country are closed due to COVID-19, the need for a workout bag may be the furthest thing from your mind. However, Born Tough workout bags are a must-have for anyone who is looking for a durable, rugged, and good-looking bag to carry pretty much anything.

Carrying the Right Bag

Every guy needs to have a good assortment of bags.  The everyday carry briefcase or “man bag” for your laptop and work stuff is a must.  I recommend having a couple of different styles on hand so that you can change it up. You want to make sure that you have a bag that goes well with your blue suit. And maybe another that works well with your chinos and tee shirt. It’s important to have the right bag to compliment your style.

Carrying the right bag to the gym is also a must.  You don’t want to be the guy who carries his gym clothes in a plastic grocery bag.  If you care enough about your body to make it to the gym, you should care enough about how you look when you walk in. 

Having a bag should not be limited to looks alone.  It needs to be functional and durable.  Using a cheap bag is almost as bad as carrying around that plastic grocery bag.

The Born Tough Duffel Bag

There are tons of workout bags available and you might think that it really doesn’t matter what you get when it comes to a gym bag. However, you might want to rethink this one.  You don’t want to just pick up any bag. But rather pick one up that’s built to last.  Seriously, you’re going to be putting your sweaty clothes and shoes in this thing.

Today I’m going to save you the time from shopping around for your next gym bag.  The Born Tough duffel bag is the one you want.  This bag is rugged and will last you for years. 

All the Pockets

The Born Tough duffel bag has all the pockets you’ll ever need.  The main compartment is roomy enough for an outfit (or two), boxing gloves, and any other large gear you need to carry.  There is a large vented side pocket for your shoes or your nasty laundry that you want to keep separate so it doesn’t stink up the rest of your bag.  There is another large side pocket for your soap and shampoo, with a mesh pocket to carry a water bottle.  Lastly, there is a front pocket perfect for your keys and any other accessories that you need to quickly access.

The Born Tough duffel not only looks great, but there are added features like a padded Velcro handle, padded shoulder strap, and slip-resistant zippers.  The zippers have a textured piece attached to them that makes the pockets easy to open and close even if you have wet hands.

Born Tough Includes UA Storm Technology

The duffel bag is made with Under Armour (UA) Storm Technology that has durable water repellent capabilities that allow rain and any other liquids to roll right off.  No need to worry about it getting wet and heavy.  It also has an abrasion-resistant bottom and side panels that add to its durability.  This bag is so well made that it can truly take a beating without coming apart at the seams.

The Lighter Carry

The duffel bag is a must-have for anyone needing to carry gear, clothes, and shoes. But maybe you’re the kind of guy who just wants to carry the essentials.  If all you typically carry are your phone, wallet, keys, and maybe some hand sanitizer (a necessity right now), then you might want to consider the Born Tough rig bag.  This is a bag that you wear on your chest.  It is a lightweight option that is always on you. And you don’t need to worry about dropping it off in your locker.

The Rig Bag

The Born Tough chest rig bag has adjustable nylon straps with FID-lock buckles that will fit any size guy.  The backside of the bag is made of cushioned and ventilated mesh that is super comfortable. It will also keep your bag from picking up nasty odors.  There is a large top pocket perfect for your phone, wallet, and a few bottles of all-natural energy shots and protein bars.  There is even a pass-through hole for your wired headphones that is secured by a Velcro tab. You won’t need to worry about yanking them out of your phone (or iPod if that’s what you’re into).

Born Tough Quality

The rig bag is made of high-quality materials that include water repellent and weather-resistant Cordura fabric that is coated by a heavy-duty PVC.  The straps and buckles are super strong and durable and won’t break on you.  The pockets are also secure and water repellent so whatever you’re carrying will be sure to stay dry.  Like the Born Tough duffel bag, the rig bag also sports slip-resistant zippers, making getting to your gear quick and easy.

The rig bag is not only the perfect bag to carry to the gym, but it’s the perfect everyday carry.  This bag is especially useful when taking walks with the family, going on hikes, or any everyday outings.  When I don’t want to overload my pockets with junk, I just strap on the Born Tough rig bag and go!

Wrapping Up

Born Tough prides itself on creating high-quality athletic gear and they stand behind all of their products.  They even offer a 1-year replacement warranty for any manufacturer defects.  This is a true statement of their quality and commitment to their customers.

As the COVID-19 curve flattens in the U.S., businesses are eagerly preparing to reopen their doors.  This also means that gyms will be opening back up too!  If you want to look your best, make sure that you place an order for your Born Tough duffel or rig bag (or both)!

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