Try It Out: Hobbies You Should Start in 2023

Try It Out: Hobbies You Should Start in 2023

Start the new year on an optimistic note by developing new skills and having fun with various activities. Check out these hobbies you should start in 2023, and try them out soon!


Get your daily dose of exercise by cycling, whether you bike around town or try rough terrains on mountains. Cycling is the perfect way to explore surrounding areas while strengthening your body.

Of course, biking is a “weather permit” exercise, so start the year with a stationary bike and then transition outside!


Metalworking is a fantastic hobby for anyone interested in hands-on activities. Shape and manipulate metals to create furniture, jewelry, or art pieces.

It’s important to know that metalworking requires special tools, like band saws, and you should understand the ins and outs of these pieces of equipment. Luckily, you can follow a comprehensive guide to band saw blade terminology to understand this tool’s features.


Capture gorgeous images and tap into your creative side with photography. Whether you shoot portraits, landscapes, or architecture, you’ll enjoy the beautiful pictures you create.

Purchase a quality beginner camera, like a Canon EOS or Panasonic LUMIX, and consider joining beginner classes at your local college or community center to get started.


Writing is a great hobby that you should start in 2023. Writing comes in so many forms, and you can discover your niche with a little bit of work.

Perhaps writing music is the route to go. Maybe starting a blog or novel will capture your interest this year.

Let the pen and pad (or laptop) take you on a fantastic journey of crafting unique pieces. Showcase your work online or contact a publisher to see your work on paper!


Do you have the acting bug? Are you shy and looking for ways to break your shell?

If so, consider improv classes! Improvisational theater is an art form that includes an unplanned and unscripted performance where performers do spontaneous scenes and interact with other actors.

Let your imagination flow and develop mental flexibility as you navigate random scenes.


Podcasts are everywhere! People get on the mic and cover different topics while interacting with guests.

Dip into the podcasting world and start your own show; all you need to do is purchase a microphone, set up a recording set, and prepare a few topics. Invite a few friends over and let them co-host the show.

This hobby is perfect for anyone who enjoys talking and spreading knowledge. You can put your show on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music to reach more listeners.

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