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Nearly every night my fiancée and I go back and forth trying to decide on what to make for dinner.  What sounds good to her doesn’t sound good to me, and we often compromise by ordering Chinese.  

Although Chinese is a favorite choice, eating out isn’t the healthiest option. And  it’s also the more expensive option. However, since we were introduced to HelloFresh, our weekly dinners have changed for the better.

HelloFresh Recipe Cards

Cooking and Portion Control

My fiancée and I both love to cook.  And we love cooking together. And when we do have a plan on what to make, our dinners turn out pretty amazing. We do try to keep things healthy by limiting how much salt is used and always including a veggie.  

One of our biggest issues, when we cook, is portion control.  We always make way too much for just the two of us. 

This leaves us having leftovers for the entire week or we end up throwing food away.  Worst of all, we end up eating way more than we should.  Over the past year, I’ve packed on a solid 40 pounds.  

It didn’t help that my fiancée was pregnant for most of the year, so I was probably eating way more than she was. 

Since we started using HelloFresh, our lives got a whole lot easier. 

They send you pre-portioned ingredients and detailed recipe cards that make dinnertime a breeze. There is no more guesswork in how much food to prepare. 

I now have a better handle on my overeating. We have four servings that cover us for dinner and lunch the next day. Another great benefit is that we still spend quality time together in the kitchen.

HelloFresh Pork Tenderloin
HelloFresh Seared Barramundi with Horseradish Sauce
HelloFresh Leftovers for Lunch

HelloFresh Has a Plan for You

On average we spend about $600 bucks per month at the grocery store.  But when we buy certain foods, they don’t always get eaten before the expiration date and then we end up throwing them away.  We are guilty of not only wasting food but wasting money too.

HelloFresh offers four plans that fit every lifestyle. 

You can choose from meat & veggies, veggie-only, family-friendly, or a low-calorie plan.  We are currently on the meat & veggies plan. The great thing about HelloFresh is that we can change up our plan at any time. 

Each week we have total control over what meals are sent to us. They also have cool add-ons like garlic bread and cookies.

Customize Your Plan

After choosing your plan you customize it based on your family size.  Currently, the options are the two or four-person plan with 2, 3, or 4 recipes per week. 

The two-person plan costs $8.99 per serving and the four-person plan is $7.49 per serving.  We choose the four-person plan since this gives us enough for dinner and lunch the next day.

Time and Cost Savings to Consider:

HelloFresh can save you time and money compared to grocery shopping.

  1. Cost to drive to the store. 
  2. Time spent shopping for your items and waiting in line to check out. 
  3. Impulse buys at the store: candy, pop, useless crap you think you need. 
  4. Bagging your own groceries and taking them out to the car. 
  5. Driving home and unloading the car. 
  6. If a bag breaks and a glass jar falls on the ground you’ve just lost money and your pickles. 
  7. There’s the 10 pack of chicken breasts you’ll need to separate, bag, and freeze. 
  8. Load everything into the pantry, fridge, and freezer and hope it all fits. 
  9. You bought enough food for 30 different meals and now need to decide on what to make. 

Variety and Quality of Meals

Now that you have an idea of how much you’ll be paying (or saving) with HelloFresh, let’s look at the quality of food.

Grocers typically go with the most bang for their buck and it doesn’t really matter where it comes from.  When you order from HelloFresh, you will always know where the meat comes from.  HelloFresh only works with a handful of vendors for its meat, fish, and produce.

HelloFresh Pork Tenderloin
HelloFresh Steelhead Trout
HelloFresh Barramundi Fish

Flavor and Choices

Each week HelloFresh offers over 20 recipes to choose from; recipes like Seared Barramundi & Horseradish Sauce, Steelhead Trout over Basil Parmesan Risotto, or Bulgogi Pork Tenderloin & Carrots. 

The hardest part about the process is deciding on what meals to pick for the week.

HelloFresh uses fresh ingredients
HelloFresh Trout with Risotto Recipe
HelloFresh Portion Size

Feel Like a Pro

If you like to cook, there is nothing more satisfying than feeding the people you love and hearing them say, “Oh my God, this is amazing”. 

And if you don’t like to cook, but decide to give it a try, you might hear things like, “You made this?”, or “Dude, this is incredible”. 

You can thank HelloFresh for making you feel like a pro with every recipe you make.  HelloFresh provides the food, the recipes, correct portions, and helps you add that little “OMG” for the finished dish.

Update: Our friends at HelloFresh are extending a special New Year’s offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 10 meals free including free shipping!

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