6 Affordable Methods To Improve Home Security

6 Affordable Methods To Improve Home Security

Your physical safety and well-being in your own home are crucial to your comfort. Break-ins and invasions are still real possibilities for some homes, but you can always prioritize ensuring your property remains a protective fortress.

However, with the costs of high-tech security systems these days, the idea of keeping your residence safe may appear out of reach. Luckily, these six affordable methods to improve home security can keep your costs low.

Upgrade Locks and Deadbolts on Doors

Doors and windows are usually the first points of entry for intruders, so upgrading your locks and deadbolts offers additional protection from break-in attempts. Wooden entryways tend to warp and shrink during changing climates, so remember to choose the best wood for your front door as another reinforcement method.

Turn On Your Lights

Switching on interior lights, televisions, and radios creates the illusion of human presence. Place your radio on a timer to simulate the act of someone casually listening to tunes.

Install Outdoor Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are excellent, affordable investments that require no touch to illuminate a path. These budget-friendly additions primarily work to ensure your safety while you’re navigating your property at night, but they’re also efficient deterrents to suspicious activity.

Install Locks on Garages

Garage doors are heavy, but they’re not total deterrents to unwanted guests. Apart from keeping your garage door locked, installing locks to prevent thieves from stealing valuables is also in your best interest.

You can also place hasps or padlocks on shed doors to discourage anyone from carrying away your expensive grill or bicycle.

Install Window Shades

Installing blackout curtains or opaque shades is an excellent method that makes it difficult for nosy neighbors and intruders to see inside. You can open them during the day to allow light to infiltrate the space.

Maintain Your Yard

A little landscaping never hurt anyone! Maintaining greenery around your home is a fantastic method to expose unwanted guests.

For example, you can place low, thorny bushes by the windows to deter people from getting too close to your property. Remember to have the lawn care essentials to get the job done right.

A vulnerable space with minimal defenses is an unwanted guest’s dream. When safety concerns arise, there are affordable methods to improve home security that will protect your residence without breaking the bank.

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