Tips for Creating a Modern Living Room Design

Tips for Creating a Modern Living Room Design

There comes a time when your current interior design starts to feel outdated or bland—you need something new. But there are dozens of ways to upgrade your home without remodeling.

One of the quickest and most accessible ways is to change up your style. Explore these fun and simple tips for creating a modern living room design.

Start With Positioning

One of the keys to creating a modern living room is positioning your furniture in a thoughtful, open way that encourages conversation without disrupting the flow of movement. If you enjoy hosting people, you should think about adding extra furniture.

In fact, there are many reasons to add accent chairs to your space, should you need more seating arrangements. With a bit of creative thinking about the furniture and accessory placement, the opportunities are endless for your modern design.

Avoid Dense Areas

Part of the modern, minimalist design is a commitment to clean lines and open spaces. You should avoid dense areas of enormous sofa sets and long coffee tables.

If you own a piece of oversized furniture but don’t want to get rid of it, consider breaking it into separate sections. That way, you can avoid wasting perfectly comfortable sitting spaces.

For example, an L-shaped couch likely has three components: two sofas and a corner connector. Try making each sofa an individual part of the room and make something fun out of the leftover middle corner.

Color Within the Lines

Many people think modern design means no color or fun. But this is simply not true!

White is the cleanest option for modern spaces, but you have the freedom to expand beyond plain grayscale. Consider using colors that you find elsewhere in your home or in the view outside.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t go too far with the color. If you add too many varieties and shades of colors, you will end up busying the otherwise minimalist space.

Remember these tips for creating a modern living room design as you plan and rearrange your living quarters. The more time you spend crafting your style, the more satisfied you’ll be with the outcome.

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