The Essential Equipment for Better Lawn Care

The Essential Equipment for Better Lawn Care

A well-kept lawn boosts the curb appeal of your home and your reputation in your neighborhood, and the process is wildly rewarding. Maintaining your yard may seem like back-breaking work, but with the right tools, it’s pretty simple.

Before you tend to your front yard, you must know about the essential equipment for better lawn care and how those tools work.

Lawn Mower

Sure, this one’s obvious, but it’s potentially the most fun and effective tool to operate on your property. Walk mowers are more affordable and better for smaller storage spaces, such as a garage or shed.

If your land is more expansive than others’ and you have adequate space to stash it, a ride-on is the perfect tool for the job. They’re more expensive but are necessary for farmlands or sizable yards.

Rakes and Leaf Blowers

It’s not unmanly to admit that the changing of leaves during the fall is a sight to be seen—it’s super manly to admit that leaves on the ground are a nuisance for my lawn, and they need to go NOW!

Rest assured—a tried-and-true rake is a professional leaf exterminator and won’t cause damage to landscaping beds or other plants. If you want to save some time on fall lawn care, opt for a leaf blower that takes the stress out of keeping your property clear.


This tool isn’t just for the green thumbs out there—there’s a wide variety of shovels specializing in different tasks, and they are vital for proper lawn maintenance.

A snow shovel is perfect for making clearings on the lawn and cleaning up yard projects during winter work. Smaller spades are used for planting and moving shrubs or flowers and digging a hole for tree saplings.

A hoe, while not technically a shovel, does have a shovel-like end that is meant for weed control on our lawns.

String/Lawn Trimmer

This tool cleans up every nook and cranny on your property. Specifically, it trims grass around the base of trees and along your home.

Additionally, turning this tool on its side allows you to edge your driveway, curbs, and landscaping beds. Mastering edging is essential for a quality lawn, and you can easily do it with a few simple steps.


This device comes in different sizes, including walk and hand-held models. Spreader tools, like their name suggests, spread seeds and fertilizer across your lawn and beds.

They’re very affordable and make plant maintenance a breeze.

Loopers and Pruners

Both of these tools help with maintaining the health of your lawn’s plants, flowers, and trees. You can certainly hire professionals for this kind of lawn care, but it’s far more cost-effective to do the job with these pieces of equipment.

A looper trims overgrown branches that grow towards the edges of your property. Pruners maintain the shape of your shrubs and keep your flowers healthier.

Knowing the essential equipment for better lawn care aids you with mastering yard maintenance. The work may be difficult, but the rewards are invaluable.

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