What You Need To Become a Rideshare Driver

What You Need To Become a Rideshare Driver

Making extra money is never a bad thing, and you already know you like to drive, so what do you need to become a rideshare driver? Dot a few t’s and cross a few i’s (scratch that, reverse it), and you’ll be raking in the dough while you see your city from new angles.

Something important to note is that Uber and Lyft have different requirements. Today, the focus is on what you need to drive for Uber.

Qualifications and Documents

To even start the process, you’ll need a few things. Answer “yes” to all of the following, and you’ll be well on your way to driving for cash:

  • Are you at least 21 years old?
  • Do you have a valid US driver’s license?
  • Have you been driving, licensed, for one year?
  • If you’re under 23, have you been driving, licensed, for three years?

So far, so good. A few more documents to go.

  • Do you have proof of vehicle insurance?
  • Do you have a driver profile photo?

With that, the last step to determine eligibility is making sure your car fits Uber’s needs.

Your Vehicle

Some requirements vary by location, so check up on that after ensuring that your car passes this basic checklist:

  • Does your vehicle have four doors?
  • Can your vehicle transport at least four passengers?
  • Is your vehicle model 15 years old or newer?

Last but not least, you’ll need to say “no” to a few questions:

  • Is your vehicle rented?
  • Has your title been salvaged, reconstructed, or rebuilt?
  • Does your car have cosmetic damage, missing pieces, commercial branding, or a taxi paint job?

Still with us? Good news! You have what it takes to be an Uber driver.

Improve Your Skills

Technically speaking, you can drive for Uber without great driving skills, but don’t be that person. Make your rides smooth, and use your turn signal. It’s not rocket science.

Being a better driver is an excellent way to get bigger tips from your passengers, so make it happen, and make it rain.

Getting Good Ratings

Once you’ve been approved to drive for Uber, you’ll want to ensure that you get consistently good ratings. Otherwise, people won’t drive with you, and you won’t make any money.

Getting five stars isn’t hard once you know how, but it’s essential!

Now that you know what you need to become a rideshare driver, get behind the wheel and start earning.

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