No Work and All Play: How To Add Fun to Your Workout


Why is it so hard to motivate ourselves to exercise? Short answer: it’s boring. If you want to add a little fun to your workout, our tips are here to help.

Workout. The word doesn’t exactly inspire feelings of fun and enjoyment. The first part of the word is literally “work.” It’s no wonder that convincing yourself to do it can prove a bigger trial than the workout itself.

If you really want to inspire yourself to exercise, your best bet is to change work into play by learning how to add fun to your workout.

Distract From the Work Out

Exercise is more a test of the mind than of the body. After all, your body is capable of pretty astonishing things, as long as your mind directs it.

If you occupy your mind with something fun, you may not mind doing hard work. A few workout distractions include:

  • Listening to different types of music
  • Putting on a podcast or audiobook
  • Watching a TV show the same length as your workout
  • Doing audio classes for new languages
  • Calling loved ones

On the flip side, you can also try scheduling the fun thing for after your workout.

What sounds more fun? Jogging in a random circle in the park? Or jogging toward your favorite coffee shop for a cup of joe?

Skip Working Out Altogether

The point of working out isn’t to sit on a machine or do the same repetitive actions over and over. It’s to use your muscles and get your heart pumping.

You don’t need to do a “workout” to do that. If you want to add fun to your workout, skip the workout and do something else that uses your body. For example:

  • Visit the local roller rink
  • Join a dance class
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Start an ultimate frisbee league
  • Take up an outdoorsy hobby like swimming, surfing, or hiking
  • Sign up for a community sports team
  • Take the kids to the park

If you’ve done any of these activities, you know they take it out of you. And if you do them regularly enough, you’ll never have to step foot in a gym.

Add Flair to Your Activewear

Trying to look good while exercising is an exercise in futility. Your hair’s a mess, and you’re probably soaked in sweat. But clothes can impact our motivation.

Wearing clothes intended for a specific purpose makes us naturally more inclined to accomplish that purpose, especially if we feel good in them.

Color plays into psychology as well. Different colors can impact our thoughts and emotions. For instance, cool colors tend to make us feel calm and maybe a little melancholy, while warm colors lend themselves to confidence, energy, and—most importantly—fun!

Keep this in mind if you’re choosing between a workout outfit centered around red track pants or blue.

Whether you’re trying to get into the best shape of your life or just attempting to lose a few pounds, have a little fun, and the rest will follow.

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