How To Stay Cool if You Always Feel Warm

How To Stay Cool if You Always Feel Warm

A common problem that some people experience is constantly feeling warmer than those who are around them. It could be a really nice day out, but it feels hotter to one person in particular than the others.

While the reasons for this phenomenon vary, one consistent thing about it is that it seems to be more common in men. If this sounds like a problem that you deal with on a daily basis, here are some tips on how to stay cool if you always feel warm.

Create a Personal “Cool Zone”

Most people assume that the worst time of year for people like this is the summer, but everyone is trying to stay cool during that season, which makes it not as bad.

The worst season is actually winter because anyone they live with will want the house to be warm. Sometimes it can be too much to handle, so that’s why you need to create your own area in which you can regulate the temperature.

Maybe find a way to block the heat out or set up a personal fan that’ll hit you with a constant breeze. Of course, the rest of the house might be a bit toasty, but at least you’ll have a personal escape.

Stay Hydrated

Another thing you can do is drink water regularly. Having a constant influx of cool water is a great way to better regulate your body’s internal temperature.

Plus, keeping yourself hydrated is a healthy habit to get into anyway, so you might as well use this as an excuse to start.

Dress Lightly

Probably the best way you can stay cool in a warm house is to dress as lightly as you can. A t-shirt and pair of shorts will help your skin breathe with all the heat around.

Obviously, if it’s the middle of winter, you’ll need to change clothes if you’re going outside, but dressing lightly is a solid way to regulate your body’s temperature while indoors.

Take Cold Showers

For this tip on how to stay cool if you always feel warm, we want you to take cold showers. We don’t suggest this, though, because they’re good at keeping you cool—they actually suck at that.

We recommend it because a hot shower will leave you feeling warm for a long time after getting out. As great as the warm water feels, it won’t be worth all of the sweating you’ll be doing for the next hour or so afterward.

Change Up Your Sleeping Area

If you’re constantly warm throughout the day, you’re almost definitely a hot sleeper as well. This can be a nightmare scenario, especially if your partner is always cold when they’re in bed.

Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for hot sleepers to stay cool while in bed. The most common one is buying a new set of sheets that either has natural cooling properties or more artificial ones.

Some other things you could try would be to avoid cuddling in your sleep, use a rubber sleeping bottle with ice-cold water, or set up a tiny fan that only blows on you. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll drastically improve your quality of sleep.

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