How to Build a Smart Home for Under $150

Smart Home

In the past, creating a smart home seemed like a daunting task and a waste of money for something that you already can do easily with a flip of a switch.  What if you could remove the physical switch and have your lights and devices turn on and off automatically? 

Build Your Smart Home for Under $150

So many people have been implementing smart home devices and inviting automation into their homes.  I know that you are probably thinking, well this is just laziness.  Why don’t you just get off your butt and turn on the lights? 

There are several benefits for turning your home into a smart home, and you can begin with the most basic components for under $150!

All you need to get started is a WiFi connection, your smartphone, and the following three devices:

Although this is a very basic configuration, it is a great start to building your smart home.  From here you can add devices as you need them.

Home Automation Benefits

With these devices you will have the following benefits:

  • Having your lights come on periodically throughout the day gives the appearance that someone is always home. 
  • Have your lights come on automatically when you arrive home after dark.
  • Don’t worry about what lights you accidentally left on.  You can configure your lights to turn off at a certain time in the morning after you leave for work or school.
  • After going to bed you realize that you left the living room light on.  Just ask Alexa to turn it off!
  • Have small appliances that are always connected to your power outlets set to turn on when you need them.

The $150 price tag may seem a little high for some, but you will certainly make up that difference in your home’s energy savings!  As you add home automation components your home will start saving you even more money, plus give you back some time that you didn’t realize you were missing!

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