Elite Sports Workout Gear: Look and Feel Like a Champ

Elite Sports BJJ Shorts

Whether your workout is at home, at the gym, or you are starting a new adventure in martial arts, it’s important that you are dressed appropriately.  This includes wearing the right shoes, shirts, and shorts.  Wearing the correct gear will help improve your workout and you’ll look great doing it.  

You need to have at least a few pairs of athletic shorts and pants, along with enough tee-shirts to get you through the week.  If you’re looking for something comfortable, durable, and on point, you need to get your gear from Elite Sports.

The Right Gear for the Gym

It’s important to understand what I mean when I say “the right gear”.  You don’t go to work in a suit if your job is filling potholes.  You need something that will be comfortable and rugged.  The same goes for your workout gear.  On top of comfort and durability, you should also consider style.  If you go to the gym, no matter if you are built, skinny, or fat, people will notice you.  Even if you don’t want to stand out, you want people to see that you care about your workout and your style can really make the difference.

What Not to Wear

On one of my trips to the gym, I caught myself staring at this woman.  Not because she was beautiful, but because of what she was wearing.  She had what appeared to be a wool sweater with a giant owl embroidered on the front.  It made me itchy just looking at it and I couldn’t help but think, WTF, who wears that to the gym?  Obviously, she wasn’t there to impress anyone, but how the hell could she possibly get a good workout wearing something that looked so uncomfortable?

Elite Sports Shorts

Each body type is different and not all workouts are the same.  The one thing that is the same, is the fact that everyone sweats.  What you wear for your workout makes all the difference. 

Elite Sports offers shorts that fit every type of workout; however, their No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) shorts are the most flexible and comfortable shorts you’ll find.  The BJJ shorts are made with premium microfiber fabric that wicks moisture (sweat) away from your body, keeping you cool and dry.  It also protects against nasty body odor that we’ve all experienced at one point or another.

Step Up Your Game

Another advantage to the BJJ shorts is that they are tear-resistant and have a two-fold Velcro closure waistband with drawstring.  Not only do they provide comfort, but they aren’t going anywhere. 

Regardless of your movements or the level of your calisthenics, you never have to worry about your shorts slipping and dropping below your waist. Not to mention they are stylish and feel great! If you do decide to step up your game and get into the martial arts, you will want these shorts!  There is nothing more embarrassing than getting an ass whooping with your pants down!

Elite Sports Tee Shirts

You may not think about the type of tee shirt you wear for your workout.  But it’s one of the most important articles that you’ll wear.  Tee shirts help keep you cool during intense workouts and keep your sweat contained and off of the equipment. They also need to be breathable and fitted so they never get in the way of your game. 

The BJJ Tee

Elite Sports offers a BJJ tee shirt that is a Poly-Cotton blend that provides an antibacterial function.  This extra layer of protection helps protect against odors and adds longer-lasting freshness.  This doesn’t mean that you should wear a shirt more than once without washing it.  This just means that your body odor won’t be as intense during your workout.

The BJJ tee shirt is fitted and has a high neckline that is durable and difficult to stretch out.  This not only helps to contain your sweat, but it won’t look ratchet even after several months of wear.

Elite Sports BJJ Tee Shirt

Elite Sports Deals

Elite Sports offers the best training gear that you can get your hands on.  Not only is their gear durable and on point, but it’s affordable too.  In addition to their great prices, they are currently running a Winter Sale and offering a coupon for 10% off! Use code: WINTER10

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Wrapping Up

Elite Sports offers premium products without a premium price.  They are a trusted brand by martial arts and crossfit athletes around the globe with products designed with you in mind.  Elite Sports is so confident that their gear is the best, they even offer a warranty!  No other company can match that!

Having the right gear for your workout is essential. If you want to feel confident at the gym, you need to have gear that fits right and moves with you.  You need to look your best and there is no better way of doing it than having Elite Sports in your corner. 

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