How to Make The Caribou Lou – Tar Bender I Need a Drother Nink

Caribou Lou UltiUber

Recently my daughter turned me on to a cocktail made with 151 proof rum called the Caribou Lou. This easy to make cocktail is delicious, strong, and can be served as a drink or a shot!

Named after Tech N9NE’s song “Caribou Lou” which names the ingredients in the song!

“Half a bottle of 151 off in a jug
One cup of Malibu Rum, baby that’s whassup then you
Fill the rest of the jug with pineapple juice and it’s crackin’ “

Tech N9NE – Caribou Lou

Mix It Up

A word of caution, the Caribou Lou can be a strong cocktail so be sure that you have a ride home if you are sipping or pounding these all night!

“Tar bender I need a drother nink
Release Caribou Lou in a party and it’s utter kink
Insane manie, keep ’em coming then I’ll remain zany
‘Cause Sadatay baby I’m trying to make you my main damey
For the rest of the night, girl you’re sexy, you’re tight”

If you liked this cocktail, you should try a Manhattan!

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