Attention All Citizens Boxer Briefs! The Ultimate Boxer Brief Review

All Citizens Boxer Briefs - UltiUber Life

When it comes to underwear, many guys don’t think much about it.  We get a pack from mom or the wifey for Christmas. And wear them until the crotch wears out or at least until their next gift pack arrives.  Although it’s nice to get underwear as a gift, there comes a time in a man’s life when they should really be picking out their own. 

Underwear Evolution

Over the years I’ve worn all types of underwear.  When I was a kid I loved Batman and Superman Underoos. As a teen the only type in my underwear drawer where the classic tidy whities. When I was in my early 20s, I got my first pair of boxers, which was probably the most uncomfortable underwear experience.  I understand the concept behind them, but seriously, there is nothing comfortable about wearing loose-fitting “shorts” under my favorite pair of jeans. 

When I was finally introduced to the boxer brief.  It was a game-changer in underwear comfort.  They fit snugly to my body, gave me the support I needed, and (typically) didn’t bunch up my butt.

Boxer Brief Experience

Like I said previously, there comes a time in a man’s life when they should be picking out their own underwear.  After years of ill-fitting boxer briefs, I decided to make it a mission to find the most comfortable brand of boxer briefs.

My journey started at a Marshall’s department store where I found a 4-pack of Perry Ellis boxer briefs for $25.  They were all cotton (including the waistband), soft, and pretty comfortable.  The problem with these is that they didn’t stay where they were supposed to, so they would oftentimes ride up on me.  I tried the next size down.  Although the smaller size didn’t ride up on me, there wasn’t much room in the front.

I decided that it was time to spend a little more on underwear.  I started searching for “luxury” brands in the hope that I would find the best fit and my new favorite underwear.  Here’s what I found…

SAXX Underwear Co.

The Pros: Every pair of boxer brief has a “Ballpark Pouch” which is, as you would guess, a pouch for your balls.  This design claims to reduce skin-on-skin friction.  I have never had an issue with “ball” friction, but maybe some guys do? Anyway, they were a little more comfortable than Perry Ellis.

The Cons: I’m not a fan of boxer briefs without an opening to let you whip it out on the fly when you need to pee.  It’s extremely annoying to have to open up your pants just to go pee.  After a few cocktails at the bar and multiple trips to the restroom, these were the worst pair of underwear to have on.

Price and Conclusion:  $25 – $44 for single pairs or $86 for a 3-pack.  Although comfy, these were a bit pricy for not having an opening and I didn’t find the ball sling very beneficial.


The Pros: ExOfficio has several different styles of boxer briefs but I tried the Give-N-Go boxer brief.  My first impression of the boxers is pretty good.  I like that they’re made with an odor-reducing antimicrobial treatment and have a breathable mesh design.  And I liked these better than the SAXX since they do have a “barn door”.

The Cons: Although the ExOfficio has an opening to let you whip it out when you need to go, it is fairly tight and I heard the stitching rip on a few occasions when I moved the material to the side to relieve myself. 

Price and Conclusion: $15 – $32 for single pairs or $48 for a 3-pack of the Give-N-Go.  Not a bad price for 3 pairs, but I still wasn’t completely satisfied with the overall fit.


The Pros: None. I received a pair of Lululemon “Always in Motion” boxer brief as a gift.  I received an XL, but they were way too big although they claim to be the size I wear.  So, I brought them back to the store and exchanged them for a large.  They fit, OK.  There was nothing at all special about these boxer briefs.

The Cons: Like the SAXX and the Perry Ellis, these boxer briefs don’t have “the quick draw fly”.  I’m sorry, but if your boxers don’t have an opening, why bother?  The front of the boxers isn’t very distinctive from the rear so I was always checking to make sure that I had them on the right way.  As far as comfort, again, there is nothing special about these boxer briefs.  Save your money for something better.

Price and Conclusion:  $19 – $38 for single pairs.  A little pricey for uncomfortable and uninspiring underwear.

Tommy John

The Pros: When I came across Tommy John underwear, I was really impressed with all of the positive reviews.  So I found an online coupon for 10% off and I purchased 3 pairs.  At the time, they were the most comfortable pair of boxer briefs I found.  The size wasn’t exactly what I expected.  I tried these in an XL first and the waistband was way too loose.  So, I went down a size and they fit just right.

They have a horizontal quick draw fly that made it super easy to whip it out when I had to “go” and the fabric is silky soft.  I really thought that I had found my perfect boxer brief.

The Cons: Of course, these had to be too good to be true.  After three months of wear, they started to fray and quickly developed holes in the crotch.  For the high cost of these boxer briefs, they need to last a hell of a lot longer than three months! 

Price and Conclusion:  $39 for a single pair or $117 for a 3-pack.  Spending that much on a single pair of boxer briefs is a little outrageous for a pair of “disposable” underwear.  The material is great while it lasts but honestly isn’t worth the price.

Attention All Citizens!

Now that my Tommy Johns (TJ) are falling apart, I was back on the hunt for my new favorite underwear. Although I could probably pick up a few more pairs of the TJ’s, and they would last me another couple of years. But I really don’t want to spend another $117 for three more pairs of underwear.

It couldn’t have been better timing when the guys from All Citizens reached out to me and asked if I would give their boxer briefs a try. I was actually getting ready to write this underwear review. And despite the issues and the high price of TJ, I was still going to make them my top choice for a comfortable boxer brief. However, when I received the All Citizens boxers, they weren’t at all what I expected. And immediately changed my mind on who offered the best pair of underwear. I was beyond impressed!

All Citizens Boxer Briefs Design

There was a whole lot of thought that went into creating the All Citizens underwear.  First off, I ordered a pair of large and a pair of XL.  With my past sizing issues, I thought it would be best to get both sizes to save some time.

All Citizens Boxer Briefs - UltiUber Life

The Perfect Fit

I tried the large first and they fit great.  Although they were a little tight (as they should be) since they weren’t the size I should be wearing.  However, when I tried on the XL, they were perfect.  They actually fit with enough room in the front, while still supporting my boys and no bagginess in the rear.  They were snug where they needed to be and really comfortable.

All Citizens offers two types of three types of fits: Standard Fit, Athletic Fit, and Longer Fit.  The only difference between the standard fit and athletic fit is the fit around the thighs.  If you have larger thighs 20” in circumference or larger, you’ll want to go with the athletic fit.  If you aren’t sure about the different fits, check out the All Citizens Fit Guide for more information.  And if you’re a bigger guy, they offer sizes up to XXL!

Luxury Material

The All Citizens boxer briefs are made with an ultra-soft performance microfiber that offers moisture-wicking that is breathable and quick-drying to help keep you dry during those long workouts.

The microfiber material is blended with spandex to allow the boxer briefs to stretch with you, so they aren’t riding up on you and stay where they’re supposed to.   

Another great selling point to this material is that they are durable. It says right on their website, that they will “bring you years of comfort”.  Although I haven’t had them for very long, I can already tell that these are going to last me a while.  It’s probably important to note that you need to follow the care instructions on the inside tag. Wash in cold water and let them air dry.

All Citizens Boxer Briefs - UltiUber Life

The Best Price

If you are like me, you’re always looking for a coupon code so that you get the best price.  Sometimes you might even wait for a holiday sale before you buy.  The great thing about All Citizens boxer briefs pricing is that they are already super affordable, at just $15 per pair.  They don’t run sales and don’t offer coupon codes.  However, they do offer bundle deals! 

The $99 Drawer Refresh is their most popular bundle, where you get 7 pairs of boxer briefs!  That comes out to be about $14 per pair.  That is the best price you’ll find on a true luxury boxer brief.

Wrapping Up

The comfort of your underwear should be a big deal.  There is nothing more unnerving than a pair of boxer briefs that ride up your leg or up your rear.  And you should never have to pay $40 for underwear to fit perfectly.

Don’t even bother wasting your money on the first four brands I mentioned.  Lucky for you, I did all the hard work in finding you that perfect pair of boxer briefs!  Once you try All Citizens boxer briefs, you’ll never go back to your old brand again! 

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