UltiUber Life Spotlight: Alessandro

Alessandro Nocera

When we find a song or tune that we like we tend to play it over and over because we like the way it makes us feel.  Music releases those awesome little endorphins in your brain, giving you a euphoric sensation that your mind craves.

There is so much more to music than notes, lyrics, and rhythm.  When I listen to a song or something instrumental, I can feel the passion behind it.

In this post, I’m going to brag a little about this guy I know pretty well. Alessandro is my kid and one amazingly talented teen.

Creative Family

Everyone in my family has some sort of creative ability.  My mom is an amazing artist, my brother is a musician with a talent for abstract art, my sister is a profound writer, and my daughter has an incredible eye for photography, as everything she shoots comes to life.  My youngest son is a bit too young to do much more than eat, laugh, and poop, but he’ll get there. And then there is my oldest son, Alessandro, who has an uncanny ability to sing, dance, entertain, and play the trumpet, almost as good as Louis Armstrong (in my opinion).

Alessandro’s Accomplishments

My son Alessandro is a senior in high school and has already accomplished so much!  I’ve never known any kid who works harder than he does.  Since he was a little boy, Alessandro was never too shy to put on a dance routine or speak in his best British or Scottish accent.  In middle school, he started playing the trumpet.  As long as I can remember, every kid had to play some type of instrument, so you might be thinking that he picked it up because he had to.  Well, that may be true, but he stuck with it through high school and not only was he in the marching band, but he also performed in his high school symphonic band and an All-Star Brass Band.  In addition to playing the trumpet in high school, Alessandro’s other talents shined through when he reached the stage to sing, act, and dance.

Nobody Works Harder

Along with talent comes a lot of hard work.  As I mentioned previously, I’ve never known a kid who works harder than my son.  He wanted to sing so he signed up for every opportunity to work on his voice.  He wanted to dance, so he took the initiative to take lessons outside of school.  And most of all, he loves playing the trumpet and continues to take private lessons to become the outstanding musician he is today.  All of this hard work takes time and a lot of it.  He no longer rushes home from school to play video games. But now it’s all about rehearsals, practice, sleeping, and finding the time to still keep a part-time job.

Musicals, Bands, and The Cadets

This year Alessandro will be taking on the role of Billy Flynn in his high school musical, Chicago.  In addition to his on-stage performance, he performed with The Ohio State University Honor Band and the All-State Band.  And to top it all off, Alessandro was selected to march with The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps.  So this summer he will be traveling the country performing before thousands of fans.  This is a huge honor and needless to say, I’m super proud of my amazingly talented son!

Everything Has a Price

Extracurricular activities always come at a price.  And although marching with The Cadets is a huge honor, it also comes with a hefty cost.  Alessandro has been saving every penny to put toward this. He has even started giving private trumpet lessons to other students.  Although he is doing all of this, it still won’t be enough to pay for it all. 

Alessandro started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money to cover the costs. He needs to raise $5500.00 by May to pay all of the associated fees and travel costs.  If you would like to donate, please visit his campaign:  Help Alessandro March Cadets 2020

There is nothing that makes me prouder than to see my children achieve greatness!

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