Why You Should Start Your Own Hobby Club

Why You Should Start Your Own Hobby Club

Are you struggling to find people in real life who enjoy the same hobbies as you? With so many popular hobby communities being online, it can be challenging to make offline friends. It can seem like those communities are digital-only. Keep reading to learn why you should start your own hobby club.

1. Make More Friends

You can always use more friends, even if you’re an introvert. Friends are the people you hang out with during the good times and rely on when things get tough. Even if you have only a handful of close friends, making more casual friends and acquaintances is still a good idea. That way, you’ll have an entire community to back you up when you need it.

2. Pool Resources

When you’re just getting started in a hobby, it can be hard to get projects off the ground due to cost. Whether you’re painting miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons or developing your own video game, equipment like software and airbrushes can get pretty expensive. One of the benefits of starting a club where you meet up with other people is that you can sometimes borrow tools that other people have invested in. Just make sure to repay the favor!

3. Work on Bigger Projects

Another reason to start your own hobby club is to build bigger projects. With more people involved, you can do much more work in a shorter time. Together, you might try and make one of the following projects:

  • An indie video game
  • A model train layout
  • A 3D Warhammer battle map
  • A Marvel cosplay ensemble
  • A zine
  • A podcast

4. Travel to Cons Together

Conventions are the lifeblood of many hobbies. They’re where you can meet famous people in the community, shop early-access merch, and learn more about what your favorite brands are up to. However, attending a large con can feel a little lonely if you’re by yourself. Starting a club is a great way to have a group to go with.

If you decide to assemble a club, the steps are pretty simple. You can find plenty of guides to help you make specific clubs, like how to start a model railroad club, but the possibilities are endless. We recommend starting small and making decisions democratically so all your members feel involved.