Vintage Tees Are Trendy And Fun

Vintage tees are always trendy

The clothes you wear speak volumes about who you are and what you like.  Vintage tees are trendy and fun and who doesn’t want to feel nostalgic every once in a while?

Sporting a tee with Mr. T’s face that says, “I pity the fool” doesn’t get much more nostalgic than that! 

I pity the fool vintage tees

Over the past few years, it seems that there has been a surge of vintage tees.  Rock bands, food, cities, beaches, movies, art, sayings and slogans, logos, games, and sports teams. 

Really anything that is on a tee-shirt that is 10-20 years old is considered to be vintage. 

Now wearing a vintage tee isn’t for everyone. It takes a bit of courage to wear that shirt that has an original NES cartridge printed on it with the words, “Blow Me”.  If you didn’t have a Nintendo growing up, you might not understand the meaning behind the tee. For everyone one else, they might get a chuckle and it could be a conversation starter. 

Be sure that you know about what is on your tee shirt and the meaning behind it before you leave the house.

I Like Vintage Tees and Pink Tacos

There was a girl I knew who wore a pink tee-shirt that had the phrase, “I like pink tacos” on the front of it.  She was clueless as to what it meant and just liked the shirt. 

We didn’t say anything to her when we went out to the bar that night. When we finally told her what it meant, she headed for the restroom to turn it inside out.  When she returned she said that she was wondering why so many women (and men) were buying her drinks all night!

Vintage tees are fun to wear and can be hysterical, just make sure that you wear them appropriately. 

Don’t wear your “Have no fear the weed is here” or your “Man Whore” tee to pick up your kids at school. Now you might get away with the one that says, “I love hot moms”, and maybe even take one home with you!

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