Top 3 Best Tips for Moving a Sofa by Yourself

Top 3 Best Tips for Moving a Sofa by Yourself

Whether you’re leaving the bachelor lifestyle behind or joining a few roommates in a new apartment, carrying all of your belongings to a new location is challenging. You can probably manage to fit most of your possessions in a car, but for furniture, you need to hire movers or rent a truck.

Many hands make light work, but when none of your friends can help you move, and your lease is up, you have to figure things out on your own. With that in mind, here are the top three best tips for moving a sofa by yourself.

Prepare Your Sofa for Moving

The best strategy for moving large items is to condense them down as much as you can beforehand. Start taking your sofa apart before you move it, so it’s lighter to carry.

First, take the cushions off if they are removable, and if the legs come off too, you can separate them as well. You should be able to unscrew the legs just like anything else you would twist into place.

Finally, use moving blankets to wrap the sofa and save it from getting scratches. Wrapping it before a move is one of the ways you can make your sofa last longer.

Use Sliders To Protect Your Floors and Move Easier

In order to move something as big as a sofa by yourself, you need to use tools for assistance. Floor sliders will help you immensely, and they protect your floors while making moving easier.

Go to each corner of the couch and put a slide underneath each one; then, you will be sliding in no time. Instead of scratching the floor and remaining stagnant, your sofa should glide with minimal friction across your floor.

A moving blanket can also double as a slider, but you can forgo purchasing additional blankets if you grab sliders. Unfortunately, sliders only work on flat surfaces, so do not attempt to use them on the stairs.

Getting help from a partner is the safest way to move a sofa on the stairs and will help you get through the moving process faster. However, when nobody is available, you can use a dolly.

Grab a Dolly or Hand Truck for Any Obstacles

When you’re entirely out of options, an appliance dolly is useful for moving, but it can damage your couch if you aren’t careful. If you’re using an appliance dolly to move the couch upstairs, take breaks whenever you can so you don’t drop the sofa or hurt yourself.

Overall, your safety should be the main priority. Following the top three best tips for moving a sofa by yourself will help your move go swiftly and smoothly.

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