Tips on Keeping Your Home Clean Through a Slushy Winter

Tips on Keeping Your Home Clean Through a Slushy Winter

In the old days, you might have kicked your boots off on the floor in the front hall and let the slush melt off them, making filthy puddles on the floor. But you’re an adult now, and that means it’s your job to clean up the mess left behind.

Dealing with the grime that winter brings into your home can be challenging, but if you want a clean house, you need to do your part to keep things tidy. Implement these practical tips for keeping your home clean through a slushy winter.

Get Those Rugs Your Mom Used in the Entry

Doormats are not just decorative items; they serve a practical purpose. They help scrape off the slush and dirt from your shoes, keeping your floors cleaner.

Your spouse may already have placed a doormat or runner in your entry and elsewhere in your home to soak up winter snow and slush. Now, your job is to use them: stand on the doormat or runner while you take your slushy boots or shoes off.

Boot Tray: Where You Put Your Shoes the Minute You Come Inside

Rubber trays near your entryway are a great investment for winter. They catch the melting snow from your boots, preventing puddles on your floors.

Use two boot trays in rotation so that you can take one outside every now and then to shake off gravel and debris. Let it dry in the sun while the spare boot tray takes on slushy footwear entering the home in the meantime.

Yes, Your Dog Can Learn To Wear Booties

If your furry friend loves frolicking in the snow, consider investing in booties. These dog-sized shoes protect their paws from road salt and slush, but they also prevent them from tracking snow and mud into your home.

The first few times your pooch tries to walk in booties are going to be hilarious, no question. But eventually, your pup will learn to appreciate the paw protection that booties afford in the winter.

Start the Season With a Professional Cleaning

A professional deep cleaning at the start of the season sets a clean foundation for your home. A pro can get after dirt you don’t even notice and clean things such as upholstery or lighting fixtures you’re not quite sure how to approach.

Starting with a clean home also motivates you to keep it that way. Teach the kids to take their boots off when they come back inside, and clean floors often to prevent winter salt and slush from turning into stains on your floors.

Keeping your home clean during a slushy winter requires a bit of preparation and effort. By implementing these tips, you can enjoy a cozy, clean home throughout the season.