Tips for Turning Your Outbuilding Into an Office

Tips for Turning Your Outbuilding Into an Office

If you have a building detached from your house, such as a shed, barn, or garage, you can convert it into a work-from-home office. Having a separate space to go to for work can help you keep your work and home lives distinct.

And a detached building gives you more privacy, which can help boost your concentration and productivity. If you’re ready to convert your detached building, read these tips for turning your outbuilding into an office.

1. Add Utilities

You’ll have to run electricity to your building if it’s not already wired. Hire a licensed electrician to do the job, so you’re safe and follow local regulations.

The greater the distance between your office and the router in your home, the weaker your connection. Even running a microwave can cause interference in your signal. Run an Ethernet extender, which typically uses a twisted pair copper cable, so that you have reliable Internet at work.

2. Install Drywall and Insulation

If needed, install drywall to create walls and ceilings. And add insulation to help keep your office temperatures stable, preventing hot and cold air from leaking through the walls.

Optimizing your work environment is key to improving your work-from-home experience. Insulation helps prep your space for work because it dampens sounds, helping to limit distractions.

3. Consider Adding a Mini-Split

Depending on where you live, you might want or need a temperature regulating system in your office. You can have an HVAC technician install a ductless mini-split that will heat and cool your room.

The mini-split can efficiently regulate the temperature in your space. And new mini-splits come with additional features like remote control and dehumidifying capabilities.

4. Install Low-Maintenance Flooring

Choose durable, low-maintenance flooring in a style that you like. The top choices for home office flooring are vinyl, wood, and laminate.

Since your space is detached from the home, you have a greater chance of bringing in outdoor debris when you enter. While these flooring options offer unique benefits, you can easily clean any of these surfaces.

5. Furnish and Accessorize

Finally, use furniture and decorative accessories to make the office inviting and inspiring. Artwork, vases, pictures, and other decorative objects make it easy for you to showcase your tastes.

The most important consideration for office furniture is that it’s ergonomic. Find an office chair and desk in the right size and configuration to promote a healthy posture and stance while you sit and work.

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