Tips for Making Sure Your Boat Battery Is Charged

Tips for Making Sure Your Boat Battery Is Charged

Your boat’s battery does a lot of heavy lifting. If left unattended, it could lose its charge, leaving you unable to depart or stranded on the water.

Keeping your battery charged will ensure it’s ready when needed and has a long life. Here are a few tips for making sure your boat battery is charged.

Store It in a Safe Location

Your battery is constantly exposed to the elements. High temperatures, moisture, and debris can reduce a battery’s lifespan if it’s not properly stored.

It’s imperative to store your batteries indoors during the off-season so that they don’t sit out in the cold. To ensure your battery can hold a charge come spring, you’ll want to keep them in a safe place.

Find a cool shaded area that’s out of the way but also accessible. You should also ensure it’s dry since excess moisture can damage the cell.

Don’t Let It Go Dead

Unlike other types of batteries, boat batteries must often sit for long periods without being used. They’re specifically designed to keep their charge, but they can still degrade if left undercharged too often.

If you regularly leave your boat battery uncharged, you won’t be able to charge it later. Leaving your boat battery undercharged will result in sulfate buildup, which could ruin the cell’s charging capacity.

Under the best conditions, boat batteries can last years. Consider using a maintenance charger to ensure your boat batteries are always fully charged.

Check the Amperage

Your charging equipment must match the battery’s amperage. Otherwise, you could damage the cell.

Amp hours refers to the amount of power a battery can give off over an hour’s use. Checking your equipment’s specs before using it will limit unwanted degradation.

Knowing how many amps your boat battery should have will enable you to make the right choice when purchasing a charger. Getting a charger that doesn’t have enough amperage could cause the charger to overheat, damaging the equipment and the battery.

Get the Most Out of Your Boat Battery

Boating can be fun, but not if your battery dies during a trip. Getting the most out of your investment requires proper care and maintenance.

You can even set up a specialized charging station to take advantage of a private boat dock, if you have one.

With these tips for making sure your boat battery is charged, you’ll be able to make your cell last as long as possible.