The Dirty Martini Is As Sophisticated As It Is Delicious

Dirty Martini

The Martini is the signature drink of our favorite secret agent, 007. 

There is no other cocktail that exudes more style or class than the martini.  It doesn’t matter if you enjoy yours with vodka or gin, or if you enjoy it shaken or stirred.  There are hundreds of variations of the martini, but my favorite is the classic dirty martini. 

If you like the flavor of green olives, this is the perfect cocktail for you. The juice from the green olives is what makes this cocktail so dirty.

Personally, I love taking my dirty martini to the next level by kicking it up a notch and ordering it filthy. This version adds a bit more olive juice to the cocktail.

A fun and delicious accessory to the Dirty Martini are stuffed olives.

You can always go with the classic pimento-stuffed olives, but if you are adventurous, I highly recommend adding garlic or blue cheese stuffed olives.

There are even jalapeno stuffed olives that are simply incredible! Remember, that you should eat an olive for every other sip of your cocktail. Although the standard amount of olives is three, I always order my Dirty Martini with four. I guess I love olives and that one extra really makes the difference!

  • 4ozs vodka or gin in a martini shaker
  • 1oz dry vermouth
  • 2ozs olive juice
  • Garnish with your favorite stuffed green olives

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