Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Residential Roof

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Residential Roof

Your roof is a vital part of your home, but unfortunately, the structures don’t last forever. Understand the signs it’s time to replace your residential roof.

Water Damage in the Attic

Peeling paint, moisture marks, and stained walls or ceiling indicate a leaking roof. Luckily, a metal roof with underlayment creates a moisture barrier.

Metal roof underlayment is important because it waterproofs your home. Consider underlayment as a barrier between the new and old roof.

With underlayment, when it’s time for a roof upgrade, you won’t have to worry about water seeping into your home.

Roof Is Past Its Life Span

A roof’s life span depends on different factors, including its material. The life span of the average roof is between 20 and 50 years, but you have to consider material durability.

For instance, asphalt shingle roofs last 15 to 20 years, but wood shingle roofs can last up to 30 years. Metal roofs last 40 to 70 years, but clay tile roofs last up to 100 years.

Some roofs are more durable and long lasting than others. One thing to consider when redoing your roof is the material options.

Ideally, you want a roof that’s sturdy with a good life span. After all, you don’t want to deal with multiple replacements.

Moss, Mold, and Fungi Growth

Aging roofs are less resistant to moisture, and it’s easy for mold, moss, and fungi to grow on the structure. Although you can brush away moss, it doesn’t stop it from growing back.

It’s also hard to stop mold and fungi from growing on the roof. Instead of battling the unwanted organisms, just replace the roof!

The Roof Sags

Roofs sag when the decking (support system) starts to fail. This happens when moisture seeps through the roof.

Over time, the decking becomes less sturdy, resulting in noticeable droops. Don’t attempt to fix a sagging roof because it’s not structurally stable.

It’s best to call a contractor to replace the roof.

Lots of Missing Shingles

One or two missing shingles aren’t a huge concern. However, it’s time to replace your residential roof if you have a lot of missing shingles.

Missing shingles indicate that the sealant and nails holding the roof together aren’t working properly. You may see exposed nails and large amounts of discoloration.

Furthermore, missing shingles can reflect the roof’s age. That said, if it’s an old roof, it’s time to upgrade!

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