Latest Kinds of Personal Electric Transporters

electric transporter

The latest kinds of personal electric transporters appeal to all ages, fitness levels, and budgets, so try one with your kids. Don’t forget the elbow pads!

While few activities are as rewarding as running, it’s always fun to try other ways to get around, too.

There are so many recreational vehicles anyone can ride that combine their love of the outdoors with their passion for gadgets.

The latest kinds of personal electric transporters are available at all price points and levels of difficulty.

If you’re going to try them with your kids, make sure that everyone has helmets and elbow and knee pads on—and maybe a few layers of towels around their limbs, just in case.


These are trite to kids who already received them as a toy at the holidays. But if you haven’t yet invested in one for yourself, they’re perfect for zooming around the basement on rainy days.

A self-balancing, two-wheel board is affordable and easy to master. Plus, they don’t go any faster than 10 miles per hour, so they’re perfect for indoor use.

Electric Skateboard

You wish you’d invented it, don’t you? A skateboard with a battery, motor, and remote control is the ultimate way to ride.

Careful, though: if you get carried away, you might accelerate close to 30 miles per hour, so it’s best to get the hang of the brakes first.

For extra dad points, convert a regular skateboard to an electric version with a kit (and minimal swearing). 

Electric Tricycle

We included e-trikes on this list because it’s much, much more difficult to hurt yourself on one of these.

Before you go shopping for one, make sure you know which kind of electric tricycle you want: a fat-tire model with a powerful motor for off-road adventures or a more civilized, souped-up mobility cart version.

Electric Unicycle

You probably associate unicycles with clowns and juggling, but these self-balancing electric wheels are a pure, space-age joy.

One of their advantages is that they’re easily portable.

You can get one with a 12-inch wheel and pop it in a backpack for the trek between the train station and your office. Or keep it at home, where everyone in the family will probably use it better than you can.

If it takes the latest kinds of personal electric transporters to get your kids outside, it’s worth it. After all, it’s hard to compete with video games for their attention.

The skateboards and bikes you grew up with have evolved—now join your kids with the new generation of tech on wheels.

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