How To Make Your Coats and Jackets Last Longer

How To Make Your Coats and Jackets Last Longer

Finding your once favorite clothing item damaged and unwearable can be devastating after only a short time of owning the garment. Specifically, coats and jackets are among the most expensive items in your wardrobe.

Check out these tips for how to make them last longer.

Regular Cleanings

When it comes to all other types of garments, we like to wash them often to keep them fresh and clean. However, many people fail to clean their coats and jackets regularly, if ever at all!

The problem here is that these layers actually get very dirty, whether from rain, snow, sweat, or overwearing during colder seasons. This can cause discolorations and even reduce the quality of your fabrics.

First and foremost, read the tag of your coat or jacket to determine the best washing method. Some items, especially synthetic ones, can be washed in cool water and hang dried.

Other fabrics, like leather, suede, and corduroy, require special cleaning methods. Dry washes with suede brushes help remove blemishes, while a blotch of soda water can harmlessly eliminate stains.

Proper Closet Protocol

Your jackets and coats will spend most of their lives hanging in your closet. Without using proper storage protocols, your garments can quickly lose their visual appeal and quality of fabric.

Nicer coats and jackets should always be in cold, dry areas; moisture and heat will negatively affect the condition of your items. Additionally, clothing should never be stored in a garment bag, especially a plastic one.

Lastly, ensure your nicest items receive air from time to time. You can accomplish this when you pull items out for cleaning!

Purchase Quality Fabrics

Ultimately, quality fabrics and overall items will last much longer than poorer ones.

If you want a coat or jacket to be a staple in your wardrobe for many years, it’s worth spending a bit more when shopping. Leather, denim, wool, and cashmere are on the pricey side but are known to have excellent longevity.

Before making a purchase, visit and go shopping in person to ensure you can test out and feel the item. From there, you can judge whether the price tag is worth it!

Coats and jackets are expensive, and there’s nothing worse than not getting your value out of them. Use this guide on how to make them last longer to help save both your wallet and favorite clothing items and become the most stylish man you can possibly be!

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