How to Find the Best Deals Online

Best Deals Online

People are always on the hunt for the best deals online on whatever it is they’re looking for. Seriously, why would you want to pay full price for something when you know that it costs less somewhere else?

Finding the best deals online really isn’t that difficult. It’s just a matter of knowing where and when to look. There are a million coupon sites that compile all of the best deals in a single location so that you don’t have to hunt around for a coupon code. This is a great way to find deals, but it isn’t necessarily the best way. Oftentimes these sites have out of date coupons or the coupons only work in a specific city.

Below are my top 10 favorite places to find the best online deals.


Groupon is one of my favorite go-to places to find the best deals online. If you are looking for a local masseuse or a new place to eat, Groupon is the place to go as they offer hundreds of deals based on where you are located. If you are traveling, you can adjust your location settings to search for the best deals around you. This is perfect when you are in a new town and need something fun to do. Another feature of Groupon is their “Deals of the Day“. Sometimes these offers are too good to pass up!

Entertainment Book

The Entertainment book has been around for over 50 years! It is a giant coupon book packed with deals on just about anything you can think of and the deals can save you up to 50% off or more depending on what you’re looking for.

There is a catch to this amazing coupon book and that is that it costs about $35, but the coupons are good throughout the year and sometimes beyond. Although there is a cost associated with it, the savings are phenomenal! You will quickly recoup the cost of the book within the first month of using a few coupons, and then you will save a ton more throughout the year! In addition to the book they now offer an online subscription. Another great benefit is that you can gift an Entertainment Book! These make awesome Secret Santa gifts or for any occasion!


Honey is another one of my favorites that I use daily. It integrates into your web browser and it will automatically suggest and try coupon codes when you go to the checkout page of an online store. This little app has helped me to find hundreds of the best deals online and has saved me hundreds over the past year. Oftentimes there might not be any available coupon codes to a site, but there will be some “Honey Gold” to be collected. Some participating sites offer 1% to 10% of Honey Gold when you make a purchase. Honey Gold is basically a point system that accrues as you use it. In 2018, I cashed out an additional $80 on top of the savings I was already getting from the online stores.

Join Honey and get the best deals online!


Paribus is a cool little application that monitors your activity for select stores. If a price drops within a specified timeframe Paribus helps you get the difference back! It’s super easy and it’s free! In addition to the price protection that Paribus offers, it also offers a late delivery feature. So if your shipment is late for any reason, Paribus will contact the retailer on your behalf to get you extra savings for your inconvenience.


My daughter’s boyfriend turned me on to Dosh a few years ago. I was a little skeptical until I cashed out my first $50! This app is pretty slick. You link your credit cards and when you go to use them at participating stores and restaurants you get money added to your Dosh wallet. Today I took the family to Wendy’s and 20 minutes later I received a notification from my Dosh app that I just earned $0.71. There are so many stores and restaurants that I frequent and I don’t think about looking for a coupon. With Dosh, I get a percentage back every time I use my card. Pretty slick!

Dosh Best Deal Online
Download the Dosh App to Your Smartphone!

Amazon Prime

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member yet, you are really missing out! Regardless of how often you shop online, the Amazon Prime membership cost will pay for itself in as little as a couple of months. Not only do you get fast and free shipping on just about anything you purchase, but you also get Amazon’s streaming service. Prime Video which is similar to Netflix, offers thousands of movies and shows to watch for free, but it also has several Prime-exclusive movies and shows. Some are pretty fantastic too! Check out my post on the 5 best shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video. In addition to the Prime Video, you also get Amazon Music, where you can listen to thousands of songs on-demand and commercial-free! Visit the Amazon Product Deals page to search the best deals online!

Sam’s Club

Warehouse clubs like Sam’s Club are great for families and businesses who need to buy in bulk. Even if you don’t need to buy in bulk, there are some fantastic deals at Sam’s Club. Although there is an annual membership fee, you will make back the fee in savings from just a few trips. If you haven’t been to Sam’s Club, they are basically a giant warehouse full of product deals. They sell all the stuff that you typically find in the grocery store or maybe at WalMart, but at way better prices.

Nordstrom Rack

One of my favorite stores to shop at is Nordstrom Rack. Unfortunately, I moved to a city where I no longer have one near me, but I can still get all of the best deals online! Nordstrom Rack offers some higher-end clothing, shoes, accessories, and housewares, but for 10% to 50% off the prices, you would find at Nordstrom’s.

Saks Off Fifth

Saks Off Fifth is the closeout store of Saks Fifth Avenue. Here you will find all of your favorite luxury brands that are significantly discounted. Earlier this year I purchased a $200.00 pair of Ray-Bans for only $75.00. The discounts are pretty amazing depending on the time of year too. When the new styles come out, the old ones are sent to Saks Off Fifth. So if you are OK with wearing jeans that are “so last year”, then Saks Off Fifth is your store to find them!


Being an IT guy for my entire adult life, I can’t leave this post without giving a plug to one of my favorite online computer stores! TigerDirect is like the Amazon of computer deals. Anything that you need that is IT related, TigerDirect will have it.

In Conclusion

There are several ways of finding the best deals online. Although not all stores will have coupon codes readily available, the stores mentioned here will certainly give you a great place to start your search for all of your online deals!

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