How The Eight Sleep Pod Pro Can Solve Your Sleep Woes

Eight Sleep Pod Pro

Not many are sleeping well these days. There are millions of reasons why each of us struggle with quality sleep but statistics show that:

  • 49% of people sleep too hot
  • 30.3% need melatonin to fall asleep
  • 14% of partners report sleeping in separate beds 

The ability to calm your mind and fall sound asleep is hard and often extremely frustrating if you’ve got a hot bedroom, racing thoughts, or a sleep partner whose needs don’t exactly align with yours. 

If you’ve already tried solutions like new pajamas, a new blanket, or even one of those noise machines with only limited success, it’s time to upgrade your mattress. The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep is a cooling mattress that allows you to control the temperature of each side of the bed. Years of research went into this revered design of sleep tech.

The Intelligent SmartTemp™ AI adjusts the Pod Pro’s temperature to the most comfortable level for your body. Dual-Zone temperature zones mean each side can be set anywhere between 55-110°F. 

The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep
Dual Zone Cooling Technology
Track Your Sleep Health
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Warm and toasty or chilly to the touch, you can even customize your morning routine with Eight Sleep’s GentleRise™ technology. It will help you warm-up or cool down with gentle vibrations at the chest level – a wake-up call that beats your awful alarm sound.

With the accompanying app, you can track your sleep habits, see health reports, REM, respiration, heart rate data, and even integrate it with your Alexa. 

Engineered from durable, premium foam layers, it’s the perfect mix of plush comfort, firm support, and dynamic cooling technology. So it’s super comfy, too.

If you want to deepen your sleep and ease into your day, you need The Pod Pro by Eight Sleep.

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