How Exactly Does Air Purification Lighting Work?

How Exactly Does Air Purification Lighting Work?

With the growing concern for health and wellness since the worldwide pandemic, good air quality has become an important aspect of everyday life. Fortunately, germicidal light helps purify the air, as it disrupts the formation of bacteria and viruses.

Germicidal lights have become a staple in homes, offices, and many businesses. But if you want to understand how air purification lighting works, keep reading to find out!

The Power of UV Rays

Air purifiers use ultraviolet rays to destroy harmful molecules or bacteria in the air. These harmful molecules include nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and ozone.

When the UV rays contact the molecules, it creates a chemical reaction that changes the structure of the organisms. This destroys the bacteria without releasing harmful by-products into the air.

The most common microorganisms that the UV rays destroy include the cold and flu virus, tuberculosis bacteria, and herpes virus.

Breakdown of Pollutants

As previously mentioned, UV rays destroy harmful molecules and bacteria to purify the air. Additionally, deodorization lamps play a role in the breakdown of organisms.

Deodorization lamps consist of a tube-like structure made of quartz. Its phosphorus coating, although sometimes giving off an odor, changes the structure of the pollutants.

The UV rays and deodorization lamps form a wonderful partnership that makes germicidal lighting effective. After all, one benefit of air purification through germicidal light is that it prevents bacteria from spreading.

Thus, you can enjoy the clean air without bacteria lurking in the shadows.

Sensor Test

Air purification lighting works with the help of sensors. Every day, the sensors test the overall air quality inside the room.

Typically, the tests happen during the morning and evening when people are in the vicinity. The sensor may emit an odor that’s not friendly to the nose, but that’s because it’s destroying molecules through phosphorus.

Improve Your Space

Air purification is important to any area, especially inside your home. And you can achieve this with germicidal lighting.

Not only is the additional lighting a great way to upgrade your home without remodeling, but you won’t have to worry about germs and viruses thriving in the space. It’s a win-win situation!

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