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iPhone 11

Every year I ask myself the same question, should I wait for the new Apple iPhone? Yeah, I know that the iPhone 11 was just released a few weeks ago and it has some new improvements but is it really what I want?

Making a Switch

In 2016 I made the switch from Android to Apple and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I guess I could be happier if it had some better features but it does the job, so I can’t complain.

My first iPhone was the 6s Plus. Great phone and a great size, the only thing that could be better were maybe the cameras, the fingerprint reader, the iOS, being water-resistant, oh and maybe a sharper screen. I think that covers it.

When the iPhone 7s Plus was released, I was excited! I jumped on board right away and it was so much faster than my 6s Plus and water-resistant! Before I knew it, the iPhone 8, X, and XS were out. OK, so lots of improvements over the 7s Plus, but nothing that really wowed me. It was the same iPhone, but no major technology enhancements to make my life better or get me excited to use the latest model. So here I sit today, hanging on to my iPhone 7s Plus.

Upgrading to the iPhone 11 Now

There are several reasons to upgrade to the new iPhone 11 over the previous models.  The new iPhone has a faster A13 Bionic processor, improved battery life (3969 mAh compared to 2950 mAh of the iPhone 7s Plus), more RAM, and three cameras!  The specs alone are worth the upgrade. 

If your iPhone has been giving you trouble because you dropped it one too many times or you are ready to switch carriers, then now is the time to upgrade.  Plus owning new tech gear is just plain fun!

Waiting One More Year

There are already leaks regarding the iPhone 12 that is due for a September 2020 release.  The most anticipated feature of this new iPhone may be the compatibility with 5G networks. Other features like iOS 14, improved battery life and larger phone sizes may also be available.

It’s so difficult to decide on when to buy a new iPhone as new features come out every year.  There really isn’t a perfect time to buy. 

However, if you are looking to switch carriers or you just paid off your current iPhone, you could always sign up for a new plan. Chances are you will get a great deal on your next iPhone!

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