Common Nuisances Only Glasses Wearers Can Understand

Common Nuisances Only Glasses Wearers Can Understand

Foggy vision, slipping, sliding, requests: you name it, glasses wearers deal with it. Wearing glasses to improve your vision and enhance your life doesn’t mean that other things won’t arise that drive you nuts.

Below are some of the everyday annoyances that come with wearing glasses.

The Slide, and Not the Electric One

Everyone who wears glasses, whether prescription, blue light, or reading style, can relate to that nerve-twinging feeling when the glasses slide down your nose.

It’s annoying, especially if you spend a lot of time pushing them back up. Consider having the frames tightened to help mitigate this issue.

When People Ask To Try Them On Like They’re Cool

For some reason, people find it fascinating to try other people’s glasses on in an attempt to see as they do. Unfortunately, it’s one of those annoying and common nuisances that come with the territory, and only glasses wearers can understand it.

As politely as you can, turn down their request. You can try to lead with the educational approach of stating that it can hurt their eyes if they wear your glasses.

The Blur in the Fog

Another annoyance only eyeglass-wearers can understand is the fog that inevitably forms when you change environments suddenly. No, you shouldn’t have to choose between seeing and breathing, but if you can increase the space between your face and your lenses, you will improve the circulation level.

You can also consider a fog prevention method such as a spray, shave foam, or water repellent. Use the method that suits you best.

The Dreaded Set and Forget

We’ve all been there. You set your glasses down and forgot where you set them.

And because they’re not on your face, you have limited vision, so you can’t quickly track them down. The first rule is to avoid panicking.

The second rule is to retrace your steps. Chances are, they are at the last place you visited, and if that place is somewhere in public, you should contact customer service to locate and save them for pickup.

If these efforts fail you, it may be time to invest in a backup pair for when the set-and-forget kicks in.

The Amount of Time You Consider the Alternatives

For those who have to wear glasses to perform daily functions, the number of times you’ve considered the alternatives is probably too high to count. The options you weigh often include contacts or Lasik, but not every eyeglass wearer is a candidate for one or the other.

Partner with your primary eye doctor to discuss the alternatives that may or may not work for you if you find yourself struggling with your frames. And know that you’re not alone.

There are many common nuisances that only eyeglass wearers can understand on a personal level. If some of these issues are plaguing your day-to-day functions, consider using one of these strategies to overcome the qualm.

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