Causes for High Monthly Utility Bills During the Winter

Causes for High Monthly Utility Bills During the Winter

When the weather turns sour, many homeowners and renters notice spikes in their monthly utility costs. This increase is primarily due to a change of habits and more extended stays indoors.

Ultimately, these rises cost individuals and families hundreds of extra dollars a year—but frequently, the issues causing these bumps are quite fixable. Here are the most common causes for high monthly utility bills during the winter months.

Poor Insulation

Every home has a weak spot when it comes to insulation, often experiencing air leaks around windows and doors. Additionally, poor insulation between the walls, roof, and in between windowpanes might mean a loss of warm air at a rate of 50 percent more than usual.

In turn, this causes issues for your heating appliances, making HVAC systems work overtime and eventually leading to problems requiring professional repairs. Make sure your home is completely sealed and efficient this winter.

Outdated Appliances

Old and outdated appliances are the prominent power-suckers in homes no matter the season. However, these problems are exacerbated during the winter, when power is nationally more expensive.

Old washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, and ovens drain valuable energy, causing spikes in monthly costs. Energy efficiency for these appliances ranges anywhere from 10 to 50 percent less than that of newer models.

If your bills skyrocket each winter, consider buying modern equipment that uses power smartly. Just make sure you pay attention to the appliances’ outlet requirements before purchasing something new.

Vampires (Yes, Vampires)

When you leave the house for an extended period, you probably switch off all the lights. However, you’re still using power thanks to a phenomenon called “vampire draining.”

Certain devices, such as TVs, kitchen appliances, computers, and speakers, consume tiny bits of energy when left plugged in. Even a charger in an outlet with no device attached still draws power.

Pay more attention to the technology in your home, and unplug everything humanly possible before leaving.

Don’t let the coldest part of the year cost you the most each month. Instead, avoid the common causes for high monthly utility bills during the winter, and watch the savings roll in!

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