Best Gifts To Surprise the Viking in Your Life

Best Gifts To Surprise the Viking in Your Life

Every Viking has his own incredible attributes. These men are not your average men, so they don’t deserve average gifts. You need something that stands out as much as they do.

Because they make a statement in their everyday life, the gift must make a statement too. Browse through these items for your loved one and choose the best gifts to surprise the Viking in your life.

Viking Drinks

What man doesn’t love a good drink? The answer is none. A Viking horn cup or a horn shot set is the perfect gift because it keeps on giving.

Drinking never goes out of style, especially for a Viking, and the one in your life will have constant use for this gift.

The horn shot set invites more than one rowdy member to the party too. The set ensures you are equipped and ready to handle your group of rowdy men.

Make sure you get a large cup or mug—the bigger, the better, much like your Nordic beast. Choose a mug designed to last and endure any wreckage.

Viking Jewelry

Apart from the clothing, the jewelry makes the most significant statement about them. Have you ever wondered why Norsemen wear Viking arm rings?

The rings symbolize more than their badass qualities. Gift your Norseman with a ring that shows you understand the importance of these symbols.

These rings play a significant role in the day-to-day life of your Viking by enhancing his appearance and displaying his wealth and status. The rings also symbolize honor.

A man is only as good as his word, and the Vikings understood the importance of making a statement with their accessories.

Viking Beard Kit

The fact that he’s a Viking doesn’t mean he lets his grooming fall by the wayside. Viking men care about their appearance.

Gifting him a beard kit shows him that you care. Those hairs will get wild and unruly, and you can help him tame them slightly, even if you can’t tame the man himself.

Choose a kit that has it all. Purchase sturdy wooden beard brushes and a double-sided pocket comb.

These items travel well, too, in case your Nordic beast must take a voyage soon. Include some beard care oil and styling balm to help with any irritation they may feel on their face.

Viking Knife Set

Vikings are known for their bravery, strength, and fighting skills. Your savage always needs to protect himself, and having weapons at the ready ensures this.

Help him start or add to his weapon collection and gift him with a knife set. Apart from protection, blades make for good hunting tools, allowing him to provide food for you both.

A Celtic knife fashions itself as a weapon and a piece of jewelry. Place the knife around your neck as a necklace to help hide it in plain sight.

Viking Compass

He will always make his way back to you no matter where he travels. Help him on any quest or journey he embarks on with a compass.

A compass symbolizes exploration, curiosity, and courage. This symbolism makes it the perfect romantic gift without being too sappy.

You can also include an extra gift inside the compass. Get it engraved with a beautiful message. It does not need to say much; the present alone shows you care for your Viking and cherish him.

The Viking in your life deserves the surprise of the best gift ever. Don’t sell yourself short. Consider any of these items and watch your Norseman fall to his knees.

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